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Choosing the right flowers for any occasion

by Loan Pham on June 24, 2020



When people walk into our East Melbourne flower shop, they are on the lookout for some beautiful flowers. Usually as a gift for somebody special who they are planning to visit later on (sometimes customers tell me that they are actually gifting the flowers to themselves). While there is always a good selection of fresh seasonal cut flowers in the store, there are also many different types of arrangements on display for people to choose from.


When a new baby is born in the maternity ward of the Epworth Freemasons Hospital or St Vincent’s Private Hospital nearby, customers often pass by the store to select some flowers. If the newborn is a baby girl, most people decide that the flower arrangement should feature pink flowers. Alternatively if a new baby boy is born, people believe the appropriate choice of flower arrangement would including blue coloured flowers. It is a minority of customers who believe that any colour flowers is suitable for a new birth occasion.

New baby gift basket yellow gerberas roses 

Flowers for New Baby occasion


Flowers are often ordered through our website for a friend, family member or colleague who is, for the time, a hospital patient. In this instance the message being conveyed is typically something along the lines of “we support you, get well soon...”. When selecting a flower arrangement, most customers for these occasions prefer to send flowers that are bright and cheerful. Occasionally special requests are made for non-scented flowers or a particular variety of flower to be included or discluded from a flower arrangement.

yellow flowers gift box 

Flowers for Get Well Soon occasion


No matter the colours or type of flowers, for all hospital flower deliveries, we strongly recommend boxed flower arrangements because of their mobility and ease of maintenance.


For customers selecting a flower arrangement for occasions such as Happy Birthday, Thank you, Congratulations or Good Luck, we have not observed any pattern of choices. Mostly consideration will be given to the location where the flowers are being delivered. Some common factors to think about include:


- will there be vases at that location

- will scented flowers possibly bother other people

- how will the person transport the flowers from that location


Roses are usually requested when organising a flower delivery for a romantic occasion, especially anniversaries. Roses are best sent in a flower bouquet arrangement so that they can be placed directly into a vase. For specific colours or varieties of roses, it is advisable to give the florist a few days notice so they source the flowers from rose growers.


30 long stemmed red roses bouquet 

Flowers for Romance occasion


When sending flowers with sympathy for a condolence occasion, most people choose to send a boxed flower arrangement to the family home of the deceased. A popular colour scheme is something subtle, such as white flowers with green foliage. However, a growing number of people are choosing flower arrangements with bright, happy colours, “celebrating the life lived”. If the flowers are to be delivered to a service for the deceased, the most commonly requested flower style is a sympathy wreath or a flower sheath.

 white flowers box

 Flowers for Sympathy occasion


Generally speaking there are some well established conventions when selecting flower arrangements for particular occasions. Above I have summarised 20 years worth of observations made as a Melbourne florist. Nonetheless, sending flowers is an intimate gesture and we have yet to hear a complaint from someone because they received flowers.