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Flower Delivery for Congratulations

Flowers make the best gift when it comes to congratulating someone. Whether someone has got a promotion, graduated from school or bought a new car or house, you can always congratulate them with flowers.

Congratulations flower delivery in Melbourne

When someone you care about is celebrating an important event in their life, you can send them flowers to congratulate them and give your best wishes.

Different flowers express different kinds of emotions. If you’re confused about which flower to give to congratulate someone, here are some options for you.

Congratulations Flowers for Graduation

Graduation is an important event in life. When someone you care about graduates from university, you can express your happiness through flowers.

For graduation flowers, you can choose tulips or lilies. Lilies, specifically orange, represent satisfaction, passion and confidence, making them a great choice for graduation flowers. You can also go for gerberas as they express cheerfulness.

Congratulations flowers for New Home

Moving into a new house is the start of a new journey. To wish someone you care about on starting this new journey, you can give them flowers. The ideal flowers for congratulating on a new home are orchids. Orchids are beautiful flowers that come in a range of different, vibrant colours and last for a longer time. This makes them the perfect housewarming gift.

Congratulations flowers for Job Promotion

Cheery yellow flowers make a great choice for promotion flowers. Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness and you can go for yellow roses or sunflowers.

Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy while sunflowers represent longevity and warmth.

Pick any of the flowers and give a bouquet along with a personalised card to send them your best wishes.

Congratulations flowers for New Job

If your friend has just got a new job or landed their dream job, you can express your well wishes by sending them yellow roses. Yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship. They are cheerful and vibrant flowers that portray happiness. All these qualities make them your best choice as you can express your happiness and send them wishes with a bouquet of yellow roses.

Congratulations Flowers for Engagement

White roses make the ideal gift to give someone who just got engaged. They symbolise innocence and purity and are most commonly used to mark new beginnings. White roses are the most common choices for wedding flowers as well.
You can also go for sunflowers as they represent happiness and longevity and wish the couple happiness of a lifetime!

Congratulations Flowers for New Baby

Having a baby is one of the most cherished moments of life. When someone you care about just had a new baby, you can express your joy by sending them flowers.
The most common choices for new baby flowers are roses, lilies and gerberas.

If the new baby is a girl, you can send them traditional roses, lilies or gerberas in pink colour. If it is a baby boy, you can go for blue iris, yellow roses or gerberas.

If you don’t want to send flowers according to gender, you can also go for white roses, gerberas or lilies. White flowers represent innocence and make a great gift for a new baby celebration.

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At Kellee Flowers, we work diligently to make your special wishes a little more special. Our flowers are freshly packed for you and delivered at your preferred timings.

We can also help you congratulate people you care about and make them feel special even if you’re not in the city for the celebration. Just choose your flowers with us and get them delivered anywhere in Melbourne.

Our proximity to the East Melbourne Maternity Hospitals allows for speedy flower delivery, even on the day the new mother is checking out of hospital.

For last minute gifting, we also offer same day delivery of congratulations flowers in Melbourne.

Get fresh congratulations flowers delivered by Kellee Flowers in Melbourne.