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Melbourne Flower Delivery

Same day flower delivery is our specialty

  • Creating beautiful floral arrangements is only half the task, getting them promptly to the recipient requires extra care and expertise.
  • Over 24 years of flower delivery service - Our couriers are experienced flower handlers and understand how to be gentle with all types of flower arrangements.
  • Our couriers are also highly experienced with locating all sorts of dwellings (i.e. highly secured apartments, townhouses and units).We have experienced and can preempt every possible delivery complications and ensure a successful delivery on the first attempt.
  • Delivering flowers to these residence make it challenging when no one is home and there is no safe place to leave the flowers. Or door bells NOT working or the recipient just did not hear the door knock for whatever reason, like being in the shower or backyard gardening Or the recipient has just stepped out for a walk to get coffee or just stepped out to local grocery shop for milk or being away in another location without anyone knowing etc.... No one can predict where and what anyone else is located at any given time. Only the recipient can confirm.
  • This being the case, when we are to deliver to these addresses, we prefer to call the recipients and arrange for an appropriate delivery time so that the delivery is successful on the first attempt. 
  • When we call, we do not disclose any other information other than the need for someone to be home in order to collect a perishable delivery. The element of surprise in NOT spoiled - in fact the feeling of excitement, anticipation and mystery whilst the recipient awaits for the delivery to arrive!
  • Fresh flower delivery, unlike packages in boxes, is delicate. The packaging and presentation will not look fresh if it has being handled too often.
  • Our only objective is to get these beautiful flowers to your recipient as quick as possible without any delay or any extra cost. 
  • However, if you insist we NOT call the recipient to arrange suitable delivery time - that is also possible. We will act on your instructions as long as you are aware of the possible scenario that can eventuate. 


    Priority Delivery

    • In some circumstances we are able to organise a priority courier for deliveries with specific time constraints ( e.g. between 3:30 - 4:30 PM or before 9:00 AM )
    • Please call us directly if you require a priority courier ( this service usually costs an additional $20 - $40 )

      Reasons Why Flowers Do Not Get Delivered

      • We are closed on the delivery day requested- or the day is a local Public holiday in Melbourne.
      • The flowers can not be left at the address due to locked gates and nobody being home. A re-delivery fee of A$15 -$30 applies.
      • The weather is too extreme; in these conditions flowers will not be left out side for long periods of time if no one is home. A re-delivery fee of A$15-$50 applies.
      • Payment details are incorrect; we will contact you ASAP to clarify the details before the delivery can be made.
      • The delivery address provided is incorrect; this can be due to the recipient’s having relocated. A re-delivery fee of A$15-$50 applies.
      • The recipients have been discharged from a hospital or hotel before the flowers were taken to the recipients. A re-delivery fee of $15-$50 applies.

         Get In Early

        • Generally it is a good idea to order in advance to make sure you get the type of arrangement you prefer.
        • This will give us time to interact with you if we need to.
        • When you order a particular arrangement, we endeavour to make the arrangement as it appears in the product image shown.
        • There will be times when a certain flower type, colour or sundry product will not be available. In these circumstances, we will substitute the required flower or product as best we can or update the product at our expense.

          Tell Us What You Don't Want

          • Everybody is unique with their own particular preferences.
          • If their is something you or the recipient dislike eg gerberas or lilies or sunflowers or white flowers etc, please let us know.
          • This will help if we need to substitute flowers or colours.
          • We will only design flower arrangements of the highest standard.


            Will my flower order be delivered on the same day in Melbourne?
            Order your flowers by noon and we will arrange to have the flowers delivered to the shipping address on the same day typically between 11pm - 6pm.
            If your order is urgent and you have a delivery time restriction, please contact us immediately to discuss the options available to accommodate your requirements.  In most instances, we can arrange for a casual courier to express deliver flowers for you at an additional fee.
            Can you deliver to secure apartments and gated residences?
            The most successful way to deliver to secured apartments and gated/ fenced residences is to make pre arrangements.
            In the first instance, we google map check the address to make sure its accessible and easy for our drivers to get to safely and efficiently. 
            It is our procedure to always call the recipient to arrange a suitable time for delivery that suits the recipient's schedule. On some instances, the recipient will instruct the driver to left the flowers with the inhouse concierge or reception staff. On other occasions - the recipient notifies us to delay the delivery to following week as they are away.
            A number of variables can arise with any given delivery attempt, so it's best to pre plan all steps to make sure every delivery is successful without any issues.
            Will my flower delivery arrive in the morning?
            Yes, we can arrange a morning delivery if you ordered 24 hours in advance. The morning delivery route usually takes place between 8am - 12pm.
            If you have delivery time restrictions, please contact us immediately to arrange the appropriate delivery options for your requirements. We have express casual couriers who can deliver your flowers at an additional fee.
            How will I know if my flower order has been delivered?
            If you ordered flowers from our website,  you will receive a text message or an email notification confirming delivery once the delivery has been completed.
            If you made a phone order or if you made an order whilst visited our store, you can contact Kellee ( 0411 289 534 ) and request an update.
            Please contact Kellee anytime if you have any concerns.
            How will I know what my flowers look like that I have ordered?
            Every flower arrangement is made to how you want it. If you would like an image of the actual flowers we have made for your delivery, please make notes in the ordering progress and ask for an image to be sent to you.
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