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How can I get a wedding flower quote?

by Loan Pham on April 25, 2023

Before consulting with a Melbourne florist, a good way to start is by looking at images of wedding flowers from other people’s weddings. Magazines, the internet and family photo albums can be a good source of inspiration when choosing your wedding flower styling. While browsing through all the images, take notice of what caught your eye, what stood out, for both good and bad reasons. Save any special photos or images on your phone or email for future reference. Start compiling your wedding flowers inspirational images and share this with your florist so we can understand your expectations.


Another thing to consider is which venues are going to be part of your wedding day and whether you would like any floral decorations adorning these spaces. Table centerpieces, church pews, installations above the dance floor and bridal table are all popular places where flowers are used to decorate wedding celebrations. It is important to have a clear idea of which types of floral arrangements you desire as some forward planning may be required to make your vision a reality on the day. 


It would be sensible to have some idea of who in the bridal party and family is going to hold or wear flowers. These arrangements can be discussed amongst the couple getting married and some close members to ascertain what is appropriate for your special day. You don’t have to be too precise when allocating flowers as most florists could prepare a few extra arrangements with only a little notice.


In terms of bridal party flowers, websites like kelleeflowers.com.au allow you to search wedding flowers in Melbourne by season so you can avoid flowers which are typically unavailable in Melbourne at the time your wedding has been scheduled. The online wedding gallery has many images for inspiration. If the flowers you really love are unavailable at the time of your wedding, don’t worry too much because any experienced florist should be able to suggest suitable substitutes to suit your colour palette and styling.


Finally, when you have collected all this information, you are ready to make an appointment for a consultation with a florist. If possible you should make time to visit the flower shop to gauge their suitability and obtain reassurance that will be able to deliver on your special day. Nobody needs any extra stress when planning a wedding. Some florists may have samples of bridal posies for you to hold or view to decide sizing or styles for your wedding bouquets.


At Kellee Flowers we try to make is easy as possible for you. Simply email us and request a wedding quote form. This form will help you decide which flowers you may want. You will be prompted to include any saved images to help us understand your styling and theme. Also we will ask about contact details, venues, delivery times, bump-in times, etc to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive quote. Once you have received your quote, you can arrange a time to visit my beautiful flower shop and together we can further review and clarify any details. I will show you some sample wedding bouquets made using artificial flowers, which will help you decide on sizes, and also some sample buttonholes which the groom can practice putting on.


Kellee Flowers has been passionately designing and creating wedding flowers for more than 20 years. We understand getting married for most people is a new and uncharted experience so we aim to help make the experience easy, totally transparent and enjoyable. Open Communication is important so you feel free to express any ideas and this keeps us all on the same page so we can execute the task with success!

Contact  Kellee today if you require further details.