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How to arrange Corporate Event flowers in Melbourne?

by Loan Pham on April 25, 2023

When thinking about which type of flowers to choose for your corporate office or corporate event there are some considerations which may be of assistance.


How large is the space you are decorating

A room with a high ceiling would require a taller flower arrangement for enhanced perspective. This can be achieved with the addition of Gymea leaves, twisted willow, and spear grass or cork branches. While the bulk of the flower arrangement will be at the base, extended height will draw the eye upward, increasing the perceived size of the installation.

Red James Storey orchids lilies table tall centerpiece 

Corporate EOFY party tall table centerpieces



Could your company logo / colours be incorporated into the floral design?

A company engaged in the production of healthy foods may want to consider using vegetables or herbs in their floral decorations. Flowers like kale (ornamental cabbage), asparagus, and figs on branches or other fruit can be incorporated into the design of centerpieces. Even though fresh flowers look natural and healthy, the use of fruit & vegetables takes the fresh factor one step further.

Flower centerpiece short orange calla lilies 

Fresh-look flower centerpieces



Event theme

Perhaps for an EOFY celebration your company is hosting a 80s themed dinner party. While consulting with your florist, you could discuss relevant ideas such as big colourful gerbera buttonholes for the gentlemen and large lily hair clips for the ladies.

For an Olympic team launch event, flower arrangements could be designed in the colours of the Olympic rings.

Coloroful bright orchids delphinium tall centerpieces 

Colour Themed Centerpieces - Olympic Team Launch Party


Who is going to attend the event & what are they likely to be doing during the event.

At a seminar with a registration table for delegates to ‘check-in’, it may be appropriate to install a little bright floral arrangement to draw the attention of new arrivals. Whereas at a dinner event where awards will be presented to the leading salesman for the quarter, table centerpieces can add some colour to the table and even be taken home by the attendees.


Some popular corporate event floral decorations include:

- displays for the entrance of a venue

- centerpieces for tables

- arrangements for a stage

- arrangements for a registration desk

- bouquets for presentation to a guest speaker or for a special achievement


Venue Entrance Flower Arrangements are designed for maximum impact and often feature big bright flowers which are intended to receive a WOW reaction. Big flowers such as Oriental lilies, crab-claws & heliconias, disbuds, orchids and sunflowers can be used in this instance.

Tropical flowers bright yellow colorful orchids red banksias pink anthuriums 

Venue Entrance Floral Display



Table Centerpieces can be designed to sit in a tall vase, above the eye-level of people sitting at a table. This look would possibly not suit an event where is a stage with a lot of activity occurring. Low centerpieces can be designed in fishbowls, square or rectangular vases, plastic bowls or ceramic containers. Mirrors can be added beneath the flower arrangement for an extra effect.

Green flowers centerpiece chrysanthemums fern St Patricks Day 

Corporate St Patrick's Day Event



Long and Low Table Centerpieces are traditionally designed in a diamond / oval shape and are most appropriate for rectangular or square conference tables.

Bright red green anthuriums yelllow gerberas blue orchids long low centerpiece 

Long and Low Table Centerpiece


Stages Flower Arrangements are usually quite large as they need to be visible from a distance. Accordingly they are made in large pots or buckets where long stems can be secured installed and are bulky and heavy, difficult to take home after the event. Big flowers such as Oriental lilies, crab-claws & heliconias, Gymea lilies, disbuds, James Story orchids and sunflowers can be used for these kinds of installations.

 Bright colorful tropical flowers arrangement heliconias crab claws red banksias


Registration Desk Flower Arrangements are often made with bright flowers to convey a welcome / happy response. To achieve this reaction, flowers such as gerberas, dyed chrysanthemums and lilies could be used.


Presentation Bouquets should be designed with the flowers highly visible and also long lasting. A mix of open and budded flowers could be used for both the immediate impact of the flowers and the longevity when the lucky recipient takes them home.


Flower arrangements can be arranged in a variety of containers. When planning the installation of floral decorations, you should give some thought as to what will happen to the flowers after the event. For smaller arrangements like table centerpieces, the design could incorporate a decorative box or small vase which would be quite easy for guests to take home after the event. Larger flower installations will require some prior planning in order to transport them away from the venue.