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How to decorate a church with flowers for a wedding ceremony

by Loan Pham on June 18, 2020

Traditional wedding ceremonies which take place in a church are still popular with modern day couples. Most churches in Melbourne have beautiful architectural features, colorful windows and quaint lighting. A little extra color and/or liveliness can be achieved with the thoughtful addition of arranged fresh flowers.

When considering the addition of flowers in a church for a wedding ceremony, there are two main areas to consider:

- on the end of the pews, enhancing the traditional ‘walk down the aisle, and
- adjacent to the altar, showcasing the area where the couple priest will be interacting.

Wedding Ceremony white flowers pew decorations

Flower decorations installed on the ends of pews are typically positioned at waist height. This allows for clear viewing of the couple being married once the guests are seated. Also when the bride is making her walk down the aisle, the flowers enhance the overall display by softening the hard edges of the wooden pews. The size of pew arrangement can vary from a small cluster of flowers, to a large teardrop style bouquet of flowers.

Wedding ceremony flowers pews rose petals

The type of flowers commonly used for decorating pews include white orchids, Oriental lilies, chrysanthemum disbuds and roses. It is acceptable to use small blooms in pew arrangements because the wedding guests will be in close proximity to view the flowers. These pew flower arrangements can be arranged with greenery in order to increase the perception of freshness and flowing tulle netting to further conceal the hard edges of the pews.

When considering which flowers to use for the altar, the key factor is visibility. Often the flower arrangements selected for an altar display are tall, wide and positioned on pedestals so that all the seated guests can observe them from anywhere in the church. Altar arrangements used in the church ceremony can be re-used in the foyer of the wedding reception.

Wedding ceremony tall white flowers altar

To maximise the impact of altar flowers, florists would typically use large blooming flowers such as oriental lilies and disbuds. Also long leaves such as gymea or flax could be used for creating additional height in the arrangement. Monstera leaves and dracena also are commonly used in altar arrangement for their form and glossy green properties.

Above are just a few options for decorating a church with flowers. If you have any further ideas, please feel free to contact Kellee to discuss how they could be realised.