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How to organise a flower delivery to a hospital

by Loan Pham on April 25, 2023

Sending fresh flowers to patients being cared for in hospitals is a great way to send love and support from afar.  Whether your friend or family member is recovering from surgery or an illness, they will definitely get a lift from seeing a colourful fresh flower arrangement arrive or them.  Just knowing that someone cares enough to organise a flower delivery can generate positive emotions which can only kelp their recovery.  To a hospital patient, sending flowers with a heartfelt message is simply the manifestation of giving love, when you just can’t be there.

Using a florist located nearby to the hospital is possibly the cheapest and fastest way to get flowers to your loved one in hospital.  Local florists would likely walk to the hospital and not over handle the flowers but loading them into a delivery vehicle and risk damaging them.  Also local florists would be familiar with the hospital wards, rooms & policies and therefore be able to make an informed recommendation as to the flowers most suitable for the patient.

It is common to send fresh flowers to the parents of a new born baby.  Proud grandparents or parents relish the opportunity of welcoming the birth of a new child into their family with a large fresh flower display.  Husbands too want to show their appreciation to their partner for carrying their new baby for nine months, sending flowers can be such a small gesture, but they can indicate the reinforcement of the love that will be required to nurture and raise a baby.

 Nowadays family could be scattered anywhere around the globe. With the internet at your fingertips, it is so easy to send your well wishes to your sibling or child for the birth of their child.  Organising a fresh flower arrangement can be as easy as filling out a short order form on your computer, tablet or phone.