Peonies season is well and truly here. Due to the warm Melbourne October weather, the local peonies are about a week early.

Normally the brighter salmon coral pink peonies are available first for a couple of weeks before we get to see any soft pale pink or white peonies.

This year however, I didn’t really notice many coral pink peonies at the start of the season in mid to late October. I would not normally stock theses varieties in my shop as I find these not to be large and they are limited in petal count. Hence they aren’t as full and frilly.

The famous blousy and frilly blooms of pink 'Sarah Bernhardt' and ivory "Avalanche white" is among the most sort after peony variety.

The magnificent blooms are soft and delicate looking yet these blooms tend to hold onto their petals for a while so we get to enjoy its grandeur for longer.

Bridal bouquet peonies

Peonies are not like a rose when you buy them at a florist shop. When you see a rose, it will open just a bit more and you may get a bit more of a blooming effect. However, when you buy a bunch of peonies, they may be quite budded as small as a golf ball and nothing like what a fully bloom peony would look like at all.

Peonies take 3-7 days to fully bloom depends on the immediate weather and depends on how tight or advance they are picked at the farm. With this in mind, for any wedding orders, at Kellee Flowers, we make sure all peonies are ordered 7-10 days earlier so we can make sure the blooms are at the perfect opening stage or if our clients likes the half open look we will time the blooms to open accordingly.

With many years of experience, we know how to safely and delicately encourage the peony bloom to blossom perfectly at the time of your event. We have witnessed and helped out a few distressed brides with peonies which were still tight like a golf ball a day before their wedding. Peonies are not much to look at when they are tightly budded. However, when they bloom open and share their majestic beauty and unique scent, peonies can be a show stopper.  ‪#kelleeflowers  ‪#peonies ‪ #weddingflowers ‪ #weddingbouquets