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The Best Flowers for the Holiday Season

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

There are multiple holidays every year. And while most people prepare by buying and exchanging gifts or adorning their homes with various decorations, they forget about flowers which can add so much magic to any holiday.

Holidays can be further enhanced by holiday flowers. These can:

  • Provide more cheerfulness.
  • Brighten up the table and day.
  • Enrich the holiday experience.

Holidays and special days are:

  • Christmas, New Year’s, Easter
  • Mother’s day, Father’s day, Labour day
  • Queen’s birthday, Anzac day, Australia day

Whatever holiday, the following flowers for holiday seasons should be considered.


Roses are first on the list because their scent isn’t overpowering, which can be a major turn-off when people dine or hang out. Inhaling rose scents for way too long can interfere with people’s digestive processes. A little waft now and then is good.

 Several types of roses can be used for decorations and gifting. But, it’s always better to have one that:

  • Suits a home’s interior décor.
  • The flowers’ recipient will appreciate.


As lilies are associated with new romance, love and affection, most people assume they are just for weddings.  However, they can also be a symbol of love between people and their loved ones:

  • Children can offer a bouquet of lilies to their mother on Mother’s day.
  • On Christmas, New Year’s and Easter, some lilies can be used as centrepieces in houses.

Calla Lilies

For those who want to spruce up the environment and brighten a room, mini calla lilies are awesome for these. Generally, these are amazing for holidays and centrepieces or as gifts for loved ones.

Husbands can give calla lilies to their spouses as a preamble for proper gift-giving. Kids can also present one to their moms. They are popularly used in weddings, other holidays and romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day. 

Known for their exquisite white petals and rich green leaves, calla lilies are synonymous with beauty. They are great for:

  • Expressing affection.
  • Telling special and loved ones they are beautiful inside and out.


Tulips are very popular for their cheerfulness and brightness they bring to a room. They come in diverse colours with different meanings.  For instance:

  • A purple tulip is associated with royalty. 
  • A red one with perfect love.
  • A yellow one with cheerfulness and joy.

During holidays, one can combine these colours in a bouquet and present them as gifts to loved ones. For men who want to deviate from the standard red roses during romantic holidays, they can get tulip bouquets and present them to their partners or lovers.

Tulips are attracted to sunlight and will bend towards the sun. A bunch of bent tulips is never pleasing, so do these:  

  • Keep them away from sunlight.
  • Or rotate the vase and bouquet evenly so the tulips will be upright.


Orchids comes in multiple colours synonymous with being bedazzled by a partner’s charm and beauty. These flowers are:

  • Fun
  • Vibrant
  • Lovely to behold

Men who offer these to their wives or lovers on romantic holidays are saying they are completely bowled over by their partner’s charm and beauty.

For more on the best and freshest flowers during this season, visit https://kelleeflowers.com.au/ for a wide range of flowers and best arrangements.