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What should I send for sympathy flowers?

by Loan Pham on April 25, 2023

By far the most requested flower arrangement for a sympathy occasion is a boxed flowers arrangement consisting of predominantly white and green flowers. This style of flower arrangement is lower maintenance than a flower bouquet, which requires a vase and re-cutting of the flower stems. In some instances, sympathy flowers have been requested to feature bright and colourful flowers, particularly when the person sending the flowers intimately knew the deceased and preferred to reflect on their colourful life.

 white flowers box 

White boxed flowers arrangement for condolences occasion


If flowers are to be delivered to a church or place of worship for a service, a wreath of flowers in often traditionally requested. Floral wreaths for condolence occasions are available in various diameters. The larger wreaths often include large open-bloomed Oriental lilies or masses of carnations. Wreaths can be displayed on tall stands, allowing them to be observed from a distance. Alternatively flower wreaths can be propped up against a wall or step, again enhancing the visibility of the flowers.

sympathy flowers large wreath on stand red roses orchids

Sympathy flowers wreath on stand


A very personal touch when choosing flowers for a funeral service could be to organise flowers which happened to be the favorites of the recently deceased person. Perhaps a variety of rose they grew in their garden, or other flower variety they regularly bought at market to arrange in a vase on their kitchen table. Also flowers arranged in their favorite colours or complemented by something unique which symbolises their character could be a nice touch.

Australian native flowers sympathy wreath ANZAC Day

Funeral wreath featuring Australian native flowers


Whichever style of flower arrangements you decide to have delivered, it is a good idea to keep the colour palette to a just a few complimentary colours. Combinations that work well as sympathy flowers besides white and green include purple and pale pink flowers or purple and white flowers. In some cultures white lilies are traditionally sent to funerals or to convey sympathy.

purple orchids lisianthus white lilies flower arrangement 

Purple and white long-and-low bowl arrangement to express condolences


When organising a delivery of sympathy flowers with a Melbourne florist, there are some important issues to remember aside from the flower choice:
- if the flowers are going to be delivered to a service, the scheduled starting time for the service must be provided to the florist and couriers.
- if the flowers are going to a family residence or place of work, take a moment to confirm that the address is current and that it is clearly communicated to the florist. Grieving people will appreciate your flora gift, but they may not appreciate being hassled by a courier for their updated address.
- it is always advisable to make a flower order a day or two before the service to allow the florist to co-ordinate with the venue staff.
- the message accompanying the flowers should be both sincere and comforting.