Are you thinking about sending Mother’s Day flowers to that special woman in your life? The woman who gave birth to you, nurtured you when your nappy was soiled and cradled you in her arms until you fell asleep.

Did you know that the average person who sends Mother’s Day flowers spends approximately one-third the cost of the flowers they would give their Valentine? Ask any Melbourne florist and they will tell you the same thing, Mothers are just not appreciated enough. This shouldn’t be the case as you only have one mother; whereas nowadays lovers come and go as quickly as you can swipe on your phone.

pink roses lilac tulips flower bouquet

Traditionally on Mother’s Day, a suitable bouquet of flowers could be purchased from a service station, supermarket or even a roadside pop-up caravan. Sure these kind of flowers might “get the job done”, but your mum did more than that for you didn’t she?

Why not take the opportunity to show Mum that all the love she gave you was appreciated. Nowadays, sending impressive Mother’s Day flowers is as easy as visiting an online Melbourne florist like Kellee Flowers.

White moth phalaenopsis orchid gift wrapped

While your mother is still on this earth and not under it, send her something beautiful; you know she deserves it!

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