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Which florist deliver flowers to Epworth Freemasons hospitals?

by Loan Pham on April 25, 2023

Hospital patients love to receive flowers at The Epworth Freemasons Hospital!

When someone decides to send flowers to you it indicates that they are thinking about you and would like to offer their love and support. Imagine yourself lying in a hospital bed when a beautiful flower arrangement arrives to your room.  Instantly the room brightens up, a smile comes across your face and you think ‘things are improving for me’.  Flowers have that positive healing effect.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times when delivering flower arrangements to hospitals.  Flowers make patients feel loved and thought of.


Flower Deliveries to Hospitals

There are many reasons why people need to spend time recovering in a hospital.  Similarly there are a variety of flower arrangements that would be suitable for delivery to a hospital patient.  By the far the most common request is for ‘bright and cheery seasonal flowers’.  There are several ways these types of flowers can be arranged.  One method would be as a gift wrapped flower bouquet ready to be laced in a vase.  Most hospitals have a few spare vases on hand for patients’ temporary use.  Alternatively any Melbourne florist would be able to provide a vase to accompany the floral bouquet.


Boxed flower arrangements are often requested for delivery to hospitals.  This type of arrangement includes a bowl of water in the base which requires refilling every second or third day and can be easily moved around a hospital room.  It is probably recommended to choose a front-facing boxed flower arrangement so it can be placed on a window sill, bedside table or shelf found in a typical hospital room.  Many patients find it easier to transport a boxed flower arrangement rather than a flower bouquet.

Bright cheerful colorful flowers vase

         hospital flower bouquet in vase


Almost all Melbourne hospitals allow flowers for patient rooms with the exception of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) wards forbidding flowers. Some of the popular Melbourne hospitals near Kellee Flowers include:

          - Epworth Freemasons Hospital at 109 Albert St in East Melbourne

          - St Vincent’s Private Hospital at 59 Victoria Parade in Fitzroy

         - St Vincent's Private Hospital at 159 Grey St in East Melbourne

          - St Vincent’s Public Hospital at 41 Victoria Parade in Fitzroy

          - Epworth Hospital at 89 Bridge Road in Richmond

          - Epworth Freemasons Maternity Hospital  in East Melbourne


Flower Deliveries to Maternity Hospitals

It is common to organise a flower delivery to the parents of newborn babies.  Even though they just received the greatest gift of all, a colourful fresh flower arrangement is always appreciated.  Knowing that family and friends are offering congratulations and support helps provides the parents with an extra level of comfort and confidence for the parenthood challenge that awaits them.  


Often people sending flowers for a newborn baby occasion choose a flower package.  This bundle could possibly include a colour theme, based on the gender of the newborn, a boxed flower arrangement, along with a soft toy, a balloon and perhaps even a box of chocolates for the parents and visitors to share. Boxed flowers are easier to manage than flower bouquets and are also easier to take home.

Baby boy blue flowers teddy bear balloon gift package

new baby boy flower package


 A useful tip when organising a flower delivery to a maternity hospital is to provide the flower shop with the mother’s maiden name as well as her married name.  Some of the Melbourne maternity hospitals Kellee Flowers regularly deliver to include:

          - Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital at 320 Victoria Parade in East Melbourne

          - St Vincent’s Private Hospital at L3 & L4, 59 Victoria Parade in Fitzroy

          - Royal Women’s Hospital at 20 Flemington Road in Parkville

          - Cabrini Health Maternity at 183 Wattletree Rd in Malvern

          - Frances Perry Private Hospital at 20 Flemington Road in Parkville

          - Birralee Maternity Centre at L3, 8 Arnold St, Box Hill Hospital