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Peony season in Melbourne

by Loan Pham on August 16, 2020

It is early November and yet I have hardly seen any decent looking peonies at the fresh flower market. Typically when the ponies stop running around the Flemington track, the peonies start their run. With masses of gorgeous, delicate, fluffing, fragrant peonies featuring in most Melbourne florist shop displays. However this year there are very few bunches available now and they are in short supply at the wholesale market. The peonies which are currently available are very tightly budded. It appears as though this season's peonies are going to be both scarce and expensive.

pale pink peonies 

Pale Pink Peonies

The persistent cold weather and rain has had a devastating effect on the growth and development of peonies and hence reduced harvesting of from the peony bushes. Just last week, only a very small amount of good quality pink peonies are available. Good quality peonies are those which will open fully, frilly and blousey. At the flower wholesale market, there were some local peonies available but the flowers had a very small bud size. With my extensive experience, I would expect that these tiny tight buds would not open nicely. Hence they would lack the beautiful soft, fluffy blossom that we have known to love and appreciate.


white peonies bridal posy 

Bridal Posy featuring White Peonies


white peonies pale pink hyacinth bridal posy 

Bridal Posy including White Peonies 

During the sixteen years I have been active in the floristry industry, this is only the second time the rain and cold weather during October has adversely impacted the growth and available of peonies. On a positive note, the peony season will be extended and perhaps we might have peonies available for Christmas !