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by Chris Ryan on August 06, 2021

Are you planning to deliver flowers to your friends or relatives who are admitted to hospitals? Keep reading the below article to clarify some of your doubts about sending flowers to St Vincent's Private Hospital in East Melbourne. 

Flower Delivery To Hospitals

At Kellee Flowers, we specialize in delivering flowers to St. Vincent’s private hospital in East Melbourne and Fitzroy. Our experienced florists have an excellent reputation for designing and arranging beautiful bouquets and flowers for delivery to hospitals. Whether it is a celebrating occasion of a new baby, offering some support, sending your love, sharing laughter, or wishing a speedy recovery, our florist team at Kellee Flowers can help you send the perfect bouquet to show how much you care. 

We deliver flowers directly to the St, Vincent’s private hospital in East Melbourne, Fitzroy, and Kew locations. This ensures that you get what you see and best of all we offer is same-day delivery when you place your order before 1 PM. You can browse our floral collections and become one of our happy customers

If you have ever been to the hospital yourself, you know how lonely and boring it can be. Longer days of no one except nurses and doctors, make it seem so much longer than it is. You might look forward to friends and family dropping by or delivery of flowers to brighten your day. These small and happy things let you know people were thinking of you. 

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne has an excellent record of over 100 years. It is located in three different locations namely  East Melbourne, Fitzroy, and Kew. When you contact our team at Kellee Flowers to have your arrangement delivered to St.Vincent’s Hospital, they will assist you in selecting the appropriate floral gift, such as putting the flowers in a box arrangement with a water source hence no need for a vase. It is also easy to add some little extras like a chocolate box or teddy bear or balloons. Kellee Flowers in East Melbourne can deliver a gorgeous bunch of bright flowers to them.  

We have called around all the locations in Melbourne. Some hospitals don’t supply vases and some won’t allow flowers in ICU. But our team at Kellee flowers will talk to the hospital authority before sending flowers as per your request. 

A delivery of fresh and bright flowers to your loved ones who are sick at the hospital will give a smile on their faces. Do you need to repay the favor for your loved ones?  We at Kellee Flowers will help you in delivering flowers to them. It will let them know you care when you cannot be there with them physically. 

Delivery Locations

Kellee Flowers send beautiful floral arrangements to the following locations in Melbourne. 

  • St Vincent's Private Hospital in East Melbourne 
  • St Vincent's Private Hospital in Fitzroy 
  • St Vincent's Private Hospital in Kew

Delivery Specialities at Kellee Flowers

When you order from Kellee Flowers, we can offer you:

  • A flat rate delivery fee to St. Vincent’s Private  Hospital in East Melbourne
  • 100% Customer satisfaction by delivering fresh flowers on time
  • We have beautiful flowers sourced from local suppliers
  • We have Professional and friendly florists in Kellee Flowers
  • The same-day delivery option is also available if you order on time. 
  • You can request for a photo of the flowers we will send to your loved ones.

How To Deliver Flowers To St. Vincent’s Private Hospital? 

When you place an order for flowers, make sure to have as many details as possible like the room number, ward number, and patient’s name, etc, so that our team will easily identify and deliver the flowers to the respected ones. 

If you are selecting flowers for your loved one staying in the St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in East Melbourne or Fitzroy or Kew, you can contact our team at Kellee Flowers online or call us on 0411 289 534 or simply drop into our store across the street from St.Vincent’s Private Hospital. Place your flower delivery today with Kellee Flowers!

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If you want to get more help on the selection of flowers to St Vincent's Private hospital,  you can contact our team at Kellee Flowers online or call us on 0411 289 534.