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Advantages of Boxed Flower Arrangement

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

Advantages of Boxed Flower Arrangement

Fresh flowers lift up any recipient’s mood. Worldwide studies reveal an impact of flowers as natural mood moderators for long periods on recipients’ emotional well-being. It helps the recipients deal with anxiety, depression and agitated state of mind.

When gifting flowers, an unwritten rule exists in gifting certain flower arrangements for certain reasons. For instance:

  • A bouquet of flowers is appropriate for condolences or as a graduation gift.
  • A boxed flower arrangement is best for someone in the hospital or at home due to illness.

Different styles of bunching flowers have advantages and disadvantages.


What is a Boxed Flower Arrangement?

Simply defined, it’s a group of flowers designed in a specific manner and displayed in any of these:

  • Container
  • Ceramic
  • Box
  • Basket

A flower bouquet differs from a box of flowers as the latter has a floral foam at its base to hold water.



boxed flower arrangement



Floral Foam, Foliage and Greenery

Very firm, this floral foam allows a floral designer to arrange flowers accordingly. Fresh flowers stuck in the wet foam:

  • Take up water from the foam;
  • Remain fresh for days without any maintenance.

Besides flowers, the boxed arrangement also has lots of foliage and greenery for an overall design. They also hide the design’s floral workings.


Costs can Vary

Compared to simple flowers bouquets, boxed arrangements cost a bit more. Costs can vary depending on:

  • Quantity
  • Design

Boxed flowers cost more as designers require more time to arrange flowers in a box. Therefore, we recommend these:

  • Order a box of flowers well ahead of time;
  • To ensure they’re ready at the desired time.


Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Different styles, shapes and sizes are available.  Ask for a custom design:

  • If you can’t find your style in mind.
  • The florist will be happy to create one for you.

Advantages of Boxed Flower Arrangements 

No Need to Rearrange

A flower bouquet has to be arranged by the recipient but unable to do that while recovering from an illness. 

On the other hand, a boxed flower arrangement need not be rearranged. These boxed flowers are great as table centerpieces.


No Vases Needed

With boxed flowers, the recipient need not have a vase or other container.  Most hospitals do not provide a vase to patients for keeping flowers.

Conversely, a flower bouquet gifted to someone in hospital or someone who is ill will need a vase or vessel to place those flowers. Also, bouquets do not have foliage or leaves to keep them for long. A bouquet is best for those who have vases.


Easy Maintenance

To keep the flowers fresh, the recipient should water the boxed flowers daily. Water is soaked by the floral foam at the base.

On the other hand, flowers in a bouquet need to be cut regularly and put in a vase to remain fresh. A recovering person has no time or energy to cut flowers.

That’s why a boxed flower arrangement is the best choice for someone who never has the time or energy to take care of flowers regularly.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Long

Certain precautions need to be taken to ensure flowers remain fresh.

  1. Flowers should be kept away from warm areas.
  2. Remove wilted and other materials from the box to extend flower life.

By gifting flowers to someone who is ill, you’ll lift the person’s mood. Also, these flowers will keep them happy for days on end, as they look at colourful, fresh flowers and enhance their general well-being as well.