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Best Flower Arrangements Headed to the Hospital

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

Nobody likes to be in the hospital for any length of stay. Not only do they have their illness to deal with but they are also confined. It is often a sterile type atmosphere that can be depressing. Flowers have long been one of the best natural medicines for any sick person. And they will always continue to be so. When you are choosing a flower arrangement for someone who is in the hospital, there are a few tips to help you make the right choice.


The very first thing you need to do is to make sure that the hospital unit in which your friend or family member is confined will allow flowers. Once you have checked this detail, then it’s now time to decide for the best floral arrangement to say get well soon.


The Gender Based Arrangement 

Don’t ever think that men don’t appreciate a beautiful flower arrangement during their hospital stay. Just look at how many men love to go out and putter in their garden when they are well. Your choice here may be that of the stronger more robust flowers. The men seem to love the strong colours and the hardier taller standing flower. There will be many to choose from among the arrangements that are suitable for the hospital setting.


For the ladies they will love almost every colour of flower you could possibly have to choose from. The pastels are always lovely. They are calming and gentle as well as very delicate looking. Many of them have a very light fragrance that makes it suitable for sick persons.


The Circumstances

 It also helps if you know a little about the circumstance that has landed the individual in the hospital. On rare occasions, a hospital stay is a happy one. Like in the case when a mom has just delivered a new baby. In this occasion, choose flowers that are bright and gender specific as well. Pick colours that are brighter for the little man and the softer colours for the little princess. For those who may stay for a longer period of time, think of something more along the plant line, as it will last longer.


Size of the Flower Arrangement

There are a few reasons that you may have to consider regarding the size of the arrangement. If the patient is in a private room, this is usually a little more spacious. Here, you have more opportunity to buy a bigger flower arrangement if you want. On the other hand, smaller rooms are often cramped. So, don’t go for a tall flower arrangement or one that is too full with large flowers. The problem here is the limited space and they can get knocked off quite easily.


Choice of Flowers

 When you deal with a quality florist you will have a lot of assistance in helping you make the right choices. You should have several options as to the type of flowers that you would like to have in your arrangement. There are some factors that you need to consider. These include:


Low fragrance

 As mentioned, many establishments nowadays are going scent-free. This rule is true even in some hospital units. So, be cautious with the scents of your choice of flowers. For some people who are ill, heavily scented flowers can make them feel a little nauseated. The ideal flowers with very little or no scent include various types of daisies, birds of paradise or the amaryllis, to name a few. Some of the small daffodils are a little heavier scented. So, avoid these or only have one or two in your arrangement.


Reduced pollen

 Most quality florists will normally offer low pollen flower choices. These include flowers such as daffodils, tulips and hydrangeas. Also roses, chrysanthemums and carnations are good choices because the pollen remains inside the flower itself. Some lilies are also good if the pollen has been removed.


Flowers with less maintenance

Ideally, choose a collection of flowers for your get well floral arrangement that requires less care and maintenance. The recipient of the floral gift may not be well enough to tend to the watering of the arrangement. Roses for example, don’t require as much watering as other types of flowers. You also want hardy flowers as you don’t know how much sun exposure they may get.


The floral container

Your florist will have many wonderful vases and containers for you to choose from. Many prefer to go with the boxed floral arrangements. This is to avoid the breakage of vases that may get knocked over. While you may want to pick a floral holder that compliments the flowers, remember that it’s the flowers themselves that are the focal point.


The Message You’re Conveying

When you are sending a beautiful get well flower arrangement to your dear ones who are confined in a hospital, you are making a very important gesture. Sending get well flower is a wonderful way to show that you care and that you are thinking about them. The flowers, their colour and the way they have been arranged will surely lighten the mood and the spirits of the person who is not well. Your thoughtfulness will definitely be appreciated. Flowers have always had a meaning of caring. This is why get well floral arrangements play such an important role in helping a sick individual get back in good shape again.