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Best Flowers for your Wedding in Melbourne

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

A wedding is one of the most important milestones in a woman’s life. Being the most important day, the wedding preparations have to be planned very well. You need to have enough time for the preparations as well as focus to every important detail. One of the most important and crucial items of your preparation is your choice of wedding flowers. In Melbourne, finding the best flowers for your wedding is never a problem. There are a lot of floral shops including Kellee Flowers that would certainly not disappoint you in your search for the best wedding flowers. Here are some useful suggestions to help you in selecting the best flowers for your wedding day.



You can save a lot of time and money, if your floral designer is already right with you in the early part of your planning. Your choice of floral designer or florist can provide you with a wide selection of different flowers to choose from. This is especially important if you have not made a flower of choice at this point. They would be familiar and knowledgeable with the most appropriate flowers that can match the motif and style of your wedding. However, if you do not have a regular florist, you can always rely on the recommendations of friends or relatives. You can also search the Internet for wedding florists in Melbourne and choose the most suitable florist for your needs. Be sure to have Kellee Flowers in your shortlist. Kellee Flowers is well-known as the top supplier of excellent wedding flowers in Melbourne.



It is difficult to even choose your wedding florist if this overall theme is not defined. The flowers you and your florist will finally choose will certainly have to abide by the theme you have chosen. For instance, you need to know what you and your entourage will be wearing before you can choose the matching flowers. When you have this theme and style firmed up, you and your florist can easily come up with a list of the flowers you like or would be suitable for your selection.



As you go through your flower listing, you must be guided in your selection by your resource allocation for flowers. Most wedding planners and floral designers would probably recommend a range of 8-10% of the overall wedding budget as allocation for flowers. The important thing is every wedding item of expense follows a resource allocation program. That way, you do not overspend in the end.



Your florists will be your most useful resource adviser when it comes to this detail. This is because of their varied experiences in making floral arrangements for weddings. Of course, the decision for the colour or colour combination of flowers will be left in your hands. If you have a preference, voice it out and seek the opinion or even the wise counsel that your florist can offer.



By this time, you would have identified the quantity of flowers you would need. You would have also decided from which supplier or florists and for what particular purpose during the wedding. Review your list and don’t leave anything to chance.



When you have checked and double-checked your selections and decisions for your wedding flowers, ask your florist to put everything you agreed upon in a contract. Ask to indicate the kind of flowers you will have, how many bouquets you will need and how many corsages. The centrepieces for tables and other flower arrangements must also be included, as well as the time these flowers will arrive and on what day. Whether you pay in advance or with deposit, it is always good to have a contract that covers all your agreement points. You should get everything on paper.

Fresh wedding flowers may not last a lifetime, but they will certainly create lasting memories of that one most important day. In selecting a wedding florist in Melbourne for your wedding flowers, choose Kellee Flowers. We are the most recognized and top flower supplier in Melbourne, Australia. We have the perfect floral adviser to make your wedding the most significant and memorable day of your life. For more information about our services, please call us on 0411 289 534