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Choosing Flowers for an Anniversary Gift

by Loan Pham on June 24, 2020

Red roses are a perennial ‘go-to’ flower choice when selecting fresh flowers to celebrate an anniversary. I suppose the popularity of red roses could be partly attributed to the colour red’s perceived connection to love, passion and romance. Well I for one support the flow of love, romance and all that mushy stuff on any occasion. Particularly when celebrating an intimate milestone such as an anniversary.


So we know what the person sending the flowers is thinking, but what is the gift recipient’s opinion of red roses? What are their favorite flowers, colours? To help you choose the best flowers online for an anniversary there are a few things to consider.

100 red roses large bouquet 

Flower bouquet of red roses


People’s behavior can help guide you as to which kind of flower arrangements might put a big smile on their face. Complex types may prefer something with a little less structure, a bit wild and intricate. Bubbly types might appreciate a big, full flower bouquet packed with bright & colorful blooms. Prior to deciding on which flower arrangement, take a moment to think about what might impress the person that you are sending to.


Mixed coloured roses bouquet tall vase 

Colorful mixed roses bouquet arranged in a tall vase



Another important consideration when organizing a flower delivery to a workplace is how the person will transport the flowers. For people that commute on public transport or cycle to work, a flower bouquet is relatively easy to manage. Bouquets of flowers are usually tightly arranged and protected in cello wrap. For people who drive to work, another option is to have the flowers arranged in a box. Boxed flower arrangements include a bowl of water and can remain fresh for several days without requiring a top-up with water. Of course, glazed ceramic pots and vases add a more sophisticated look to any flower arrangement.


pale pink roses bouquet 

Pink roses flower bouquet


If you are organising a special romantic dinner a favorite restaurant, a surprise flower bouquet just before the entree can get the sparks flying early on in the night. Delivery to a restaurant can also be organised either by the sender, the florist or the restaurant. The florist could co-ordinate with the restaurant to deliver a flower arrangement that will suit the dinner table which you can take home after the meal. Alternatively, a bouquet of flowers could be displayed propped up by an ice bucket or jug during the dinner and then easily taken home in car, PR or on foot. 

For couples who are recently wed, or can clearly remember their wedding flowers, it might be a shrewd move to gift their partner flowers similar to those used during the wedding. As a reminder, you could check out some of your wedding photo album and / or take a snapshot of the photos to show your florist. If using this option, it may be prudent to allow a couple of weeks for the florist to source the specific flowers required.


Sending flowers to a male on an anniversary is a cute way to express your affection. Particularly for males not used to receiving or handling flowers. However, there a few tips to remember when organising flowers for men. It might be a good idea to avoid overly feminine coloured flowers such as pinks and pastels. Also choosing a boxed flower arrangement which has the bowl of water in the base will reduce the amount of attention required to keep the flowers healthy.

purple yellow flowers boxed flowers arrangement 

Blue & yellow boxed flowers arrangement