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Chrysanthemums commonly found in Melbourne florist shops

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

Chrysanthemums are a popular fresh flower used by Melbourne florists which are available in several varieties, all which differ widely in appearance.  Although if closely examined, the leaves of all the different varieties have a very similar shape. Some of the more common varieties of chrysanthemums found in the Melbourne flower markets include glasshouse, disbuds, spiders, buttons & pom-poms. 

green spider chrysanthemum centerpiece

spider chrysanthemums

colorful glasshouse chrysanthemums

glasshouse chrysanthemums


green button chrysanthemums

chrysanthemum buttons


Popular colours for chrysanthemums include yellow, white, green, pink, purple and red.  In recent times there has also been some experimentation with dying chrysanthemums. Usually the entire chrysanthemum flower stems are dyed the one single colour, including bright & navy blue, orange, teal and fluorescent green, orange and pink.  Also there have some rainbow colored chrysanthemums available which are steadily increasing in popularity as a bit of a novelty gift.

orange purple dyed chrysanthemums

dyed chrysanthemum disbuds


rainbow chrysanthemums

rainbow chryssies


As a wedding flower, the chrysanthemum is often used in table centerpieces but rarely in bridal flowers.  Similarly the chrysanthemum is often used in table centerpieces for corporate or special events.  The larger varieties of chrysanthemum convey a fluffy and full style which can soften a floral arrangement as  well as increase the volume.  The smaller varieties of chrysanthemum used in a floral arrangement can provide highlights of bright colours and can fill small spaces and thus help give an overall ‘complete’ look.

various size chrysanthemums

various types & size chryssies used in table arrangement


spider chrysanthemum table centerpiece

centerpiece featuring green spider chrysanthemums


As a Mother’s Day flowers selection, the chrysanthemum is traditionally one of the most requested flower varieties.  With its brightly coloured flowers, long stems and abundance of leaves, a lone chrysanthemums flower bouquet loosely arranged in a vase can help liven up Mum’s dining table or kitchen bench.  Maybe the fact that sometimes chrysanthemums are referred to as ‘Mums’ in the flower markets has something to do with their popularity?


When selecting chrysanthemums some things to look out for as an indicator of freshness. Take the flowers out of the vase or bucket and turn them upside down to examine the stems:

  • the bottom of the stems should be white/green underneath and not brown.

  • shake the flower bunch, do petals or flower heads fall off?  Fresh chrysanthemums will not fall apart.


There is a quote from the famous French painter Claude Monet “I must have flowers, always, and always”  -

If you share the same view as Monet, why not go out and pick-up a Chrysanthemums bouquet today. Chrysanthemums are available all year round, are relatively inexpensive and are a lovely gift whether arranged in a flower bouquet or as a boxed flower arrangement.

Feel free to view some of Kellee Flowers’ arrangement featuring chrysanthemums here.