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Decorating a Church with Flowers

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

1. Ask for permission first from the ceremony venue.

Most venues are quite accommodating and encouraging with regards to decorating the ceremony area. However, it is always prudent to seek permission for your particular requirements. Some venues such as St Patrick's cathedral do not permit any rice or petals to be thrown on the site.

 Wedding ceremony flowers pews rose petals

Pews & Rose Petals Avenue - Elizabethan Lodge, Box Hill North


2. Access time restrictions

Before you start planning how elaborate and magical the church or the ceremony area will be for your special moment, you will need to consider how much time has been allocated for your event. Some churches and venues have multiple events occurring on the same day. Accordingly you may only be allowed access for a limited time during the day.


For instance, during a recent wedding set-­up at Burke Hall in Kew, photographers, florists and ceremony participants were only permitted a thirty minute window for the final preparations. In this short time frame, we were required to securely install twelve flower posies onto the pews and two large vases of altar flowers onto pedestals. To achieve a speedy set­-up, we designed bespoke flowers for the specific pew style which enabled facilitated quick installation.

St Nicholas East Melbourne white flower decorations

Pews & Flowers Ball Arrangements on Candelabras - St Nicholas Antichodian Orthodox Church, East Melbourne


3. Installation Methods

Each church or ceremony pew style will vary and there are different methods available to securely install flowers to a pew. In some instances tying a ribbon will suffice. Other times where time constraints are a factor, it may be appropriate to use a concealed hook. Consideration may need to given to people accidentally knocking flowers in a crowded church.

St Anthonys Hawthorn white flower decorations pews

Church pew flower bouquets with tulle bows - St Anthonys, Hawthorn


4. After the ceremony

 You will need to consider what happens to pew flowers after the ceremony. Will you require your florist clear away the flowers or will you arrange a family member to do this? Can the flowers be used elsewhere during the event or would you like your guests to have them?


Since 2000, Kellee has gained much experience setting up many different ceremony venues in all seasons any all weather conditions. If you need assistance or advice about ceremony flower decorations, please feel free to contact Kellee directly for a quote or advice to get you started.


St Nicholas East Melbourne white altar flowers

Altar Flowers - St Nicholas Antichodian Orthodox Church, East Melbourne