Does Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne accept flower delivery?

by Loan Pham on September 05, 2020

Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne has two sites. The larger hospital is located at 109 Albert St and also the other hospital is located at 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.

The Victoria Parade campus is the maternity hospital of the Epworth Freemasons. However, if this campus is full, the Albert St campus also has one ward (1 West) which can accommodate maternity patients.

The Epworth Freemason's hospital does accept flower deliveries. In most cases, flower deliveries are taken up to the appropriate ward where the patient has been admitted. The flowers are handed over to the nursing staff on the particular ward and the staff typically deliver the flowers to the patient. The flower courier is not permitted to deliver flowers to the room of the patient.

At Kellee Flowers, before we make any deliveries to any Epworth Freemasons hospitals, we always call the hospital to make sure the patient has not been discharged and check what ward they are currently staying in.

Kellee Flowers is a preferred florist at the Epworth Freemasons hospital in East Melbourne.

If selecting flowers for a patient staying on of the Epworth Freemasons hospitals in East Melbourne, you can order online, call Kellee directly on 0411 289 534 or drop into our store ( across the road from Epworth Freemasons Hospital's Main Entrance ) to place your special flower delivery today.