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by Loan Pham on September 05, 2020

Epworth Freemasons Hospital is formerly known as the Freemasons Hospital, established in 1937. It is located at 109 Albert St in East Melbourne. It is now run by Epworth Healthcare. Located in two different locations namely, the larger new hospital is located at  Albert St and the other hospital is located at Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. The maternity hospital of the Epworth Freemasons is the Victoria Parade Campus. If this campus is full, the patients will be accommodated to the Albert St campus in East Melbourne. 


If you have ever been to the hospital yourself, you know how lonely and boring it can be. Longer days of no one except nurses and doctors, make it seem so much longer than it is. You might look forward to friends and family dropping by or delivery of flowers to brighten your day. These small and happy things let you know people were thinking of you. 



Do you have a loved one languishing in the Epworth Freemasons hospital? 


A delivery of fresh and bright flowers to your loved ones who are sick at the hospital will give a smile on their faces. Do you need to repay the favor for your loved ones?  We at Kellee Flowers will help you in delivering flowers to them. It will let them know you care when you cannot be there with them physically. 


When you contact our team at Kellee Flowers to have your arrangement delivered to Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne, they will assist you in selecting the appropriate floral gift. It is also easy to add some little extras like a chocolate box or balloons. Kellee Flowers in East Melbourne can deliver a gorgeous bunch of bright flowers to them.  

The Epworth Freemasons Hospital accepts our flower deliveries in East Melbourne. In almost all cases, flower deliveries are taken up to the appropriate ward where the patient has been admitted. These flower bouquets are handed over to the nurses on the particular ward and the staff will deliver the flowers to the patient. The courier is not permitted to deliver to the room of the patient directly. At Kellee Flowers, we always call the hospital before we make any deliveries to the admitted patient. We check whether the patient has been discharged or not before the delivery of flowers.


Kellee Flowers Delivery Specialities:

When you order from Kellee Flowers, we can offer you:

  • A flat rate delivery fee to Epworth Freemasons hospital 
  • 100% Customer satisfaction by delivering fresh flowers on time- With a photo of the flowers you ordered on request!
  • Sourced from local suppliers
  • Professional and friendly florists in Kellee Flowers
  • Same day delivery option available if you order on time. 

When you place an order for flowers, make sure to have as many details as possible like the room number, ward number, and patient’s name, etc, so that our team will easily identify and deliver the flowers to the respected ones. 


If you are selecting flowers for your loved one staying in the Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne, you can contact our team at Kellee Flowers online or call us on 

0411 289 534 or simply drop into our store across the street from Epworth Freemasons Hospital. Place your flower delivery today with Kellee Flowers!


A special offer for our customers: 

For this month we are offering a FREE delivery service to the Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne. You just need to quote the code "CARE" and you will receive free delivery to the Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne.