It is no secret that when people want to celebrate any corporate & social events, flowers are a favourite way to make the venue a magnificent one. In fact, flowers are not just use to celebrate events, they are also best for any reason and at any time, including times of uncertainty and sadness. So, why is this so?

Well, research has shown that flowers not only have the power to make people smile at times of celebration, they also have the ability to ease more complex emotional situations and enhance emotional health. This can range from relieving stress, illness and depression.

A 10-month behavioural study was conducted by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, which successfully linked flowers and their contribution to life satisfaction. The study measures the behavioural and emotional responses participants had to receive from flowers. It revealed 3 interesting results about flowers. These are:

  1. They have an immediate impact on happiness, with all participants expressing ‘true’ or ‘excited’ smiles upon receiving flowers.
  2. The positive effect is long-term with participants reporting feeling less depressed, less anxious and less agitated after receiving flowers.
  3. They help make intimate connections, with the presence of flowers increasing contact and communication with family and friends.


Flower Arrangements for Special Events 

Stated above are important results which underline the positive role that flowers play in everyday life. These results also support the idea that giving flowers on an occasion can build positivity and general happiness on an occasion or event. Various flower arrangements are typically for events or special occasions like:


A Wedding

Arguably, the biggest and most important event of anyone’s life is the wedding. There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to getting the perfect flower arrangement for your wedding right. This is when the professionals like us at Kellee Flowers come into play. As with all events, wedding flowers can be personalized to suit the couple. But generally, it is the season that affects the choice of wedding flowers. Pale and delicate flowers are popular in the winter and spring, reflecting the sense of fresh beginning in those seasons. Rich colours work best for summer and autumn, when the fullness of life’s energy is around to see. However, the array of ideas for wedding flowers is almost endless.


A Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to this kind of occasion, flowers for anniversaries may need to reflect the particular anniversary. This may mean looking into the meaning of the flowers chosen. Every anniversary has its flower. If it’s your first anniversary, it is very suitable to include carnations. If it’s going to be a fifth anniversary, then daisies are the kind of flower to be included. Use an iris to the flower arrangement for 25th wedding anniversary. Of course, it can also be simply personalized by using favourite flowers and colours. A bouquet of roses is always a winner!


A Birth

Rarely is there an event that evokes as much job as the arrival of a newborn. And the better way to celebrate it is with flowers for new baby. It might be done in the private hospital to greet mother and baby from the delivery room or at home when they arrive. Either way, brightly coloured flowers are ideal, with minute teddy bears as well as other gifts decorating garlands and arrangements. Of course, they should also include splashed of blue blossoms for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl.


A Corporate Event

This category comprises quite a few types of events, all under the auspices of a company or organization. But this does not lessen the emotional impact of the corporate & social events flowers arrangement. It could be for an award ceremony, an official opening and the anniversary of the company’s opening. It can also be for the AGM with delegates from around the country arriving to enjoy your hospitality.

Typically, these types of events require floral arrangement for the following:

  • Corporate Foyer Reception Flowers – This is an extension of a corporate identity. So typically, it should comprise bright colours and towering deep green foliage, often in large vases. The idea is to make a bold statement, projecting confidence and positivity.
  • Table Centrepieces – These are small in stature to allow people sitting at either side of a table to maintain eye-contact. This is very useful especially when there is a head table where key people ought to see and be seen.
  • Stage Arrangements – Typically tall and eye-catching, these floral displays are rich in carefully chosen colours that complement the general room décor. However, deep green foliage against bright, cheery colours creates a bold, confident feeling, Pale white or cream flowers, meanwhile, create a sense of calmness and accomplishment.
  • Presentation Bouquets – These are usually presented to female employees who have accomplished great results or may even be departing. A presentation bouquet is one of the best ways of letting personnel know they are appreciated. You may want to personalize the bouquet with flowers you know she likes or which reflects her personality.


Kellee Flowers’ Corporate & Social Events Flowers

A special occasion is made so much more so with flowers. At Kellee Flowers, we are proud to help you make that difference. We are the leading name in the art of special occasions and as well as corporate & social event flower arrangements in Melbourne. We have the right bouquets for the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary. We boast of our extreme creativity to make every special event or occasion extra special.