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Flower Care Tips for Singapore Orchids

by Loan Pham on June 24, 2020

Singapore orchids are native to South-East Asia and imported as cut flowers into Melbourne for the florist industry. For best displays and longevity, orchids should be rejuvenated after their long trip, To do this, all they need is a little love and attention. Just follow these simple steps to rehydrate your orchids.


1. Find a bucket large enough which will allow the orchid flowers to be completely emerged in water ( we typically use a round 20L bucket ).


2. Fill the bucket to a depth of around 30 cm with warm / hot water ( around 35 - 40 C ).

hydrating Singapore orchids pouring warm water

3. Submerge the bunched orchids into the water with the tips pointing downward.


4. If the orchids are wrapped in a plastic sleeve, do not remove it, simply cut away the bottom of the wrapping so that air will not be trapped in the packaging when the orchids are submerged in water.

hydrating Singapore orchids submerge in water 

5. Allow the orchids to hydrate in the water for around 30 minutes. There is no need to leave the flowers in the water for hours.

hydrating Singapore orchids submerge in water 

6. Finally, before arranging your orchids in your vase, re-cut the stems by about 1 - 2 cm on an angle.


7. Enjoy your exotic flowers.

hydrating Singapore orchids remove from water 

 An occasional misting of water ( every 1 - 2 days is sufficient ) onto your orchids is also a good idea for keeping them looking fresh and to improve their longevity.


Singapore orchids are available in a variety of bright, vibrant colours in Melbourne. The most popular variety is the Dendrobium, also known as Dens. Singapore orchids are long lasting flowers that are ideal for boxed flower arrangements and also regularly used in table centerpieces as wedding flowers. The very popular striking blue coloured Den orchids are actually dyed and look amazing when submerged in a vase full of water