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How to avoid becoming a Bridezilla

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

Collins Dictionary defines a Bridezilla as ‘a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as intolerable’

Planning for a wedding or special event can be a daunting task for most people who are not used to organising people & tasks on a regular basis.

When it comes to planning wedding flowers, the following tips from an experienced Melbourne florist could help make the task a little less daunting and stressful.

Remember that a wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life and keeping happy & relaxed will go a long way toward creating great memories.


Effective Communication

  • Ensure the most important information is clearly conveyed in your conversations and correspondence and repeat often.
  • Be clear and specific with the information that you are providing to your florist.
  • Make sure all your specific requirements are in writing ( i.e. send emails to your florist ).
  • Make sure your florist understands your requirements. Carefully read the specific information in the emails that your florist sends to you. Seek clarification for any information that is not clear to you.
  • Attach images to messages to help the florist understand the styling which you are hoping to achieve for the feel of the flower arrangements.
  • Do not make assumptions that the florist knows how you are thinking.
  • If you are not sure that you have been clearly understood, ask more questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question. What is stupid is when your flowers don't look right because you didn't ask.


Timing it Right

  • Don't leave things to the last minute. Time constraints can create unnecessary pressure for you, the florist and all relevant parties who are all trying to create the best possible experience for your special day. At least 6-8 weeks allows the florist enough time to organise your wedding flowers and any special items they require.
  • Ask the important questions early to give the florist the best chance to source the flowers and materials you may require. Discuss your theme, styling and preferred flowers early in your planning.
  • Determine which other flower varieties you could use if your first choice unexpectedly becomes unavailable. Develop a back-up plan with the florist.