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How to care for terrariums

by Loan Pham on July 17, 2022

Terrariums are miniature indoor gardens arranged in a glass fish bowl. We select the best and most appropriate plants for the micro environment and line the bowl with lush green moss. Terrariums can last a couple years or more with a small amount of TLC.


Position the terrarium in a bright filtered sunlight position. The best indirect sunlight is morning sunlight for about 30 minutes. This will help encourage photosynthesis and avoid the harsh strong afternoon heat which can dry out the soil and stress / wilt the plants. 

Terrariums do not need too much water. With an easy visual check of the bottom of the glass bowl, you can determine if watering is required. Do not allow a pool of water at the bottom of the bowl. 

Once a week or so, a light spray of water mist over the terrarium will help keep the top soil and moss looking fresh and hydrated. 

If the green moss and plants look dried out, you can help revive the plants by slowing adding a tiny amount of water just so the soil can be re hydrated.

Every few weeks its recommended you use a paper towel to clean the inside and outside of the glass terrarium to help remove dust and dirt and keeps the terrarium looking healthy and pleasing.

We can make terrariums to your specific needs to compliment and enhance your office or home. You can contact kelleeflowers@gmail.com anytime for further details.

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