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How to grow and care for Phalaenopsis orchid plants

by Loan Pham on January 28, 2023

Gorgeous elegant phalaenopsis orchids plants are a great addition to any home. These lovely orchid plants can bloom upto 3-6months.

These stunning plants are carefully curated and professionally grown to optimum conditions hence these are gorgeous when purchased.

For us laymans and normal flower/plant lovers, we are not to educated and do not have the facilities to reproduce the perfect flowering conditions for these phalaenopsis orchids plants to blossom.

However,  if you can locate the perfect micro environment in your home or office that has a few hours of direct morning sunlight and then indirect light all day- there's a good chance your orchid plants may re shoot again and reward you with more stunning blooms throughout the year.

Once the old blooms have dropped off and there's no more flowers on the plant stem, look for a node on the stem at the highest point and cut 1cm above the node. By doing this, you encourage the plant to send out a side stem from the node. This side stem will be adorned with beautiful long lasting blooms for months to come.

Good luck with your phalaenopsis orchid plants...and just remember,  if you are unsuccessful- it's OK.
Just treat yourself to a new phalaenopsis orchid plant and enjoy the beauty as you deserve it!

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