Brides sometimes offer me a challenge when they request flowers out of season. Unfortunately there were no white hydrangeas during April at the Melbourne flower market.

Beautiful fluffy hydrangeas are a popular wedding flower because of their soft & fluffy characteristics. The best time of year to find pure white hydrangeas is December and January. By the time we reach February, March and April - the summer heat and the soil conditions have altered the hydrangea’s appearance. White hydrangeas can become speckled and a tinge of colour may be expressed throughout the white blooms. Also by this time hydrangeas can be four times more expensive as they would have become scarcer.

This week's wedding brief was simple a soft white ball of flowers preferably with white pure hydrangeas surrounded by white ivory roses. I ordered some white hydrangeas and took some photos to show the bride-to-be.  As you can see the white hydrangeas at market were both speckled with a pink blush of colour and tainted with a blue tinge.

The most suitable substitution flower for white hydrangeas during the late summer / early autumn months would have to be dahlias. These blousy soft blooms offer a shape and form similar to hydrangeas. We achieved the overall styling of the bouquets.


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Hydrangeas white roses bridal posy bouquet