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Kellee Flowers: Where Flowers From All Over The World Unite!

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

Our flowers are well travelled before they end up looking beautiful in your house or on your desk in the office. We collect them from the Wholesale Flower Market but they have been grown in soils all over the world.

Flower Shop bright colorful flowers

Singapore Orchids are shipped in large boxes from… yes, Singapore! Many varieties of chrysanthemums are produced in Malaysia. Disbuds arrive flat in boxes and then just like magic their heads puff out into large softball size gorgeous flowers. The beautiful long stemmed, hot pink roses are grown in Colombia and the some other varieties of roses are flown directly from growers in Kenya.

Along with a healthy assortment of Australian natives, the world’s best selection of flowers is brought to you here in East Melbourne.

We have a beautiful display of Colombian Roses this week, come in and take a look!

Check out the attached image and try to spot the MALAYSIAN yellow & white disbuds, SINGAPOREAN yellow dancing lady orchids, COLOMBIAN pale pink & hot pink roses, KENYAN red roses.