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Memories to Last a Lifetime: A Perfect Wedding

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

We all agree the cost of a wedding can be such a burden on any couple. However, we don't want to forego the wonderful things that make our wedding day so memorable and special. Let's face it, if you want to have a wedding party, you may as well do it right and create a lasting impression on your guests.

Creating that lasting impression includes decorating the reception venue. Over the past few years I have noticed many brides wanting the more glamorous full-rounded ball like flowers on tall vases; accompanied by a generous amount of small vases of flowers along the bridal table. 

Currently, the trend seems to be the flower wall and/or the flower chandelier. These grand floral constructions are spectacular and create a glamorous focal point. Designing and installing these large pieces using fresh flowers and foliage can be quite expensive. However, the result can be breathtaking and worth every dollar - nothing beats fresh flowers!

 If you are limited by monetary constraints and yet you desire to have the glamorous and stunning effect of a floral wall or a flower chandelier, it might be an idea to consider artificial flowers in this case, or even a mix of fresh and artificial blooms. 

 Consider where these pieces will be placed... The floral chandelier will be mounted up high above the eye level. Generally, these are at least 2 meters above the people’s heads, so not many people will have the chance to closely examine the state or quality of the blooms. Nowadays, there are so many artificial blooms that are made to look so real and life-like. 

 The floral wall or flower wall is as popular as a back drop for the bridal table. This construction can be easily made with beautiful life-like blooms and framed with fresh flowing greenery or even a small sample of fresh flowers strategically placed throughout the flower wall to remain the look and feel of freshness and glamour.

 We understand that keeping costs down and sending money wisely is important when planning a wedding, so at Kellee flowers, we are happy help you find the right medium to create the unique styling you so desire for your one special day.