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Popular Summer Wedding Bouquet Trends

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

Hottest Wedding Bouquet Trends for the Summer

Summer weddings and summer brides will never go out of style. Summer weddings are the best because of the wide variety of fresh flowers available during this season. The summer is the season for flowers. This is when a large variety of flowers grow the best. In fact, one popular trend for summer wedding is that couples choose local native flowers and plants. It can also be at least flowers and plants that can be cultivated in a sustainable way.

This makes a great statement. It is totally appropriate for both the most contemporary and traditional weddings. Native Australian or garden flowers are associated with more casual weddings. Nevertheless, this practice is gaining acceptance at very formal weddings also. This is because more and more people support the idea of sustainable growing. This applies to wedding flowers and the same way it does to any cultivation.

These days, many brides opt to stick to their budget. So, some of these bright and sunny summer choices are decided by price. Of course, the actual price may depend upon where you are exactly located. There are some good choices of flowers for wedding bouquets that are pretty inexpensive. These low priced wedding flower choices include:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Carnations
  • Gerberas

There are also some classic and moderately-priced choices for summer flowers. These medium priced wedding flowers for summer brides may include:

  • Roses
  • Lisianthus
  • Lilies

However, if you prefer the more expensive wedding flower choices, there are a bit more pricey ones. Hopefully, you'll only get married once. So, grab the chance to make use of these pricey flowers such as peonies and hydrangea.

Most people mix flowers based on their looks and colours. The right choices might be based upon the wedding's colour scheme. In other cases, couples may decide which flowers they prefer and select their colour schemes from their choice. All flowers don't have to match wedding colour scheme. It is a good idea if they either contrast or complement each other.

Besides the bridal bouquet, there are plenty of other uses of flowers for a wedding. The bridesmaids might also carry bouquet of flowers. Some hairstylist may also use these flowers to accentuate the bride and the bridesmaids’ hairdos. In addition, the groom and his party may also need corsages that match the bridal flowers. There is also a need for flowers in decorating the wedding chapel. Some of these flowers may also be used as centrepieces for reception tables.

Because most weddings use a lot of flowers, it becomes even more important to settle for sustainable choices. These might be natives, but they might also simply be species that are very well adapted for a local climate. If these flowers are grown in a greenhouse or harvested in a natural field, they are still likely to take less water, fertiliser or transportation. These flowers may be a bit inexpensive compared to those that are not well suited to an environment or have to get transported from far away.


Of course, there are some advantages in utilising local flowers for weddings. The first advantage is having the chance to select sustainable growth. Bouquets and other arrangements may also use more than flowers. In some cases, they also use berries, greenery and even sticks or small branches for texture and colour. This really depends upon the creativity of the florist and the bride's taste.

Florists will do their very best to select flowers based on their customer's preferences. They are also able to make suggestions for a specific wedding palette of colours. Either way, a good strategy to choose proper summer flowers is to look at photos of different bridal bouquets online. From the internet, you can select the best wedding bouquet of your desire. You can even mix and match them as you please.

However, if you want to stick to the budget, remember to stick to the more affordable flower choices. Generally, these will be flowers that are sustainably grown or the native flowers. There are also flowers that are able to get cultivated in the area with little burden.

If a bride prefers imported flowers, the cost of the shipment should be reflected in the price. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, so let the bride have her way in the choice of flowers. If she wants David Austin roses, then let her have what she desires for her wedding day. Peonies are also a very popular choice for brides who want to indulge themselves. Different kinds of lilies are also among the popular choices for wedding bouquet. Some are shaped like trumpets, and this is very dramatic. Others have petals shaped more like church bells. This is a nice touch for a church wedding.



The right choice of summer flower for bridal bouquet largely depends upon the local flower choices. The exact month of the year also matters in the choice of wedding bouquet flowers. Apart from that, the bride's preferences for colours and types are the ones that matters the most.

While roses may come in many colours, it is pretty obvious that violets only come in purple. Nevertheless, yellow roses and violets make a striking wedding bouquet. This is because of their contrasting colours which work very well to each other. These are just a few of the perfect choices for summer brides’ wedding bouquet that make a lively and colourful wedding.