What Flowers are Special for a Marriage Anniversary?

Flowers are beautiful and are an important part of celebrating romantic events and anniversaries. Most men do everything in their power to get the right flowers for their dates, partners and lovers during wedding anniversaries, valentine and other events.

However, despite their good intention, men are known to get the wrong flowers for their partners, dampening the mood or getting a less than enthusiastic response from their partners.

To avoid the typical flower faux pas, husbands should take note of the following flowers for marriage anniversaries. Men who choose one or more of these can’t go wrong.  Maybe a little story or explanation about why they are appropriate for the event will help their spouse appreciate the flower.


Whether they are white, pink or red, roses are a classic. Men should know that most women expect rose flowers for marriage anniversaries. As a result, they cannot go wrong with them. However, men should know that each rose colour has a different meaning.

A white rose is associated with:

4  Reverence

4  Perfection

They are more common in weddings and marriages, perfect for newlyweds celebrating their first few years of marriage.

A classic flower for marriage anniversaries, a red rose expresses:

4  Deep feelings of affection

4  Love towards one’s spouse.

Pink roses often symbolize:

4  Elegance

4  Sophistication

4  Grace


It’s interesting how most people focus on roses, not knowing a wide assortment of excellent flowers for marriage anniversaries. One of these is the orchid which has the following qualities men hope to see in their spouses:

4  Graceful

4  Gorgeous

4  Elegant

Orchids symbolize:

4  Strength

4  Seduction

4  Virility

4  Sensuality

4  Love

If they’ve been together for at least 3 years, a husband may want to present his wife with an awesome bouquet of well-arranged orchids. She will absolutely love them. Tell her what they symbolize while giving them to her; watch her melt and become even more enamoured.


Lilies are often associated with:

4  Elegance

4  Beauty

4  Refinement

4  Modesty

4  Sweetness

4  Passion

4  Magnificence

4  Devotion

They are great for weddings and anniversaries, too. Often, they are found in a bride’s bouquet, part of the wedding’s flower arrangement, or to commemorate a wedding anniversary.

There are several varieties – Oriental, Asiatic, LA, white, Calla, orange, yellow, Lily of the Valley, and pink - all of which mean something. Lilies are great flowers for the second wedding and marriage anniversary.


Tulips are also popular and effective for:

4  Declaration of a husband’s love for his spouse.

4  Reaffirming his commitment.

4  Praying that their marriage lasts.

They are an awesome testament of his unflinching devotion, assured safety and security and unwavering love.

With a bouquet of tulips during a wedding anniversary, he’s saying that he intends to be around for a long time and will love her till death. It’s a declaration of eternal love associated with tulips. 


Perfect for the fifth wedding anniversary, gerberas are often associated with:

4  Cheerfulness

4  Joy

4  Exuberance

A man married for long and with a great marriage, would feel exhilarated and joyful to be married to his beautiful wife.

Therefore, he can show her this with a bouquet of gerberas. Instead of the standard and more popular yellow, he should combine with white, red and pink gerberas for a more robust appearance. This is a perfect gift for men whose wives are upbeat and cheerful.

There you have it – the perfect flowers for marriage anniversaries. Choose one or a combination of these. And for men who need flower bouquets to celebrate this special day, visit Kellee Flowers at Anniversary collection or give us a call on 0411 289 534 and let’s help make your wedding anniversary memorable.