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Spring Flower Arrangements: Tips and Tricks

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

Flowers can do wonders for your home, office and events. Whether it’s a wedding or just perking the place up, flowers can do the trick. No wonder there’s a spark of interest in spring flower arrangements.  Here are some tips and ideas to help you create lovely flower designs.


Take Advantage of Branches

Most people use marbles and floral foams for support, when they could use branches and twigs. You could use dry or live branches. It depends on your choice really. Live branches with leaves are better. However, they absorb water to keep them fresh longer, which is an added cost.


Turn Tulips Into Wonders

Tulips and bulbs are commonplace to most people. They are not given much thought really. The Good news is you can transform your bulbs into camellias!  Place your thumb beneath the petals, and with your forefinger, simply fold each petal back.  


Use Angles to Your Advantage

Do you know why florists normally use Lazy Susans? They make your floral displays prominent from every angle. Place your bouquets on one and voila! Anyone will see a full view of your floral arrangements.  It’s a unique way to use angles to your benefit. 


Make Your Roses Stay Fresh Longer

Roses are beautiful and popular. Their delicate and pervading fragrance can impact your spring flower arrangements.  However, they need to last longer.

To make your roses take in water for longer periods, the best ways are:   

  • Boil some water.
  • Brownbag the roses, while the water is boiling.
  • Cut off a quarter of an inch from the rose stems. 
  • Put them in the water until you see bubbles coming out of the stems.
  • Remove the roses when the water becomes lukewarm.

These will keep your roses stay fresh longer.


Cut Using Clippers

Clippers are popular among gardeners and florists.  Their uses are:

  • Cutting flower stems and branches well.
  • Cutting clean and prevent cracks in flowers.

When flowers are cut clean, they will get the needed water to stay fresh for long. With cracks however, flower stems will get inadequate water, resulting in early withering or wilting.

Try these tips and get ahead with your spring flower arrangements. Better yet, get a florist like Kellee Flowers to deliver excellent flowers for your home, events and spring wedding.