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The Benefits of Flowers in the Workplace

by Loan Pham on June 19, 2020

There is nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers to brighten someone’s day. We know and we see it every time we make our delivery. So, we can testify just how much they mean to every recipient. How much more when it comes to flowers in the workplace? Actually, whether it is a potted plant on the office desk or more elaborate corporate & social events flowers design to impress, there are genuine benefits to bringing flowers into a workplace.

Of course, it’s all very well saying so. The fact is that hundreds of studies have been made over the past 30 years that all point to positive effects. Here are just a few of them, but arguably the few that really matter.


Make An Impression

Every business wants to make a good impression. With the right corporate & social events flowers, that impression can be greatly enhanced. But it’s not just about colours and aromas. Think about a client arriving at reception area and sitting for a minute or two waiting for your executive to come and greet them. Just as the décor of your reception area can tell your client a lot about your company, a flower arrangement can impress a sense of confidence, forward-thinking and creativity. It also depicts openness and even entails a daring impression.

It’s the same for boardrooms where important deals can be negotiated and struck. A discreet floral arrangement that brightens and lightens the proceedings can make intense meeting more enjoyable and promote a more cooperative mood. And in the office itself, some colour helps to create a positive atmosphere. This will not only impress potential clients walking through the working area, but also potential recruits looking for a positive working environment.


Create A Healthy Working Environment

In these days of strict health and safety regulations, having a healthy working environment is extremely important. Thanks to a huge amount of scientific research, we are now aware that corporate & social events flowers  play a significant role in creating a healthier workplace. Some of the benefits include improved air quality, reduced levels of stress and a generally higher level of happiness among personnel.


Improves Air Quality

It’s no secret that indoor air is poorer in quality than outdoor air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted numerous studies over the years to prove so and has produced a detailed guide. It has proven that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. Therefore, introducing flowers or even green plants to an office environment makes a lot of sense. NASA has also proven that plants remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. VOCs can cause some health disorders.

These include:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Headaches;
  • Eye, nose and throat problems


Reduces Stress

When office workers are stuck indoors and sit at their desk for long hours, the stress levels can increase. However, flowers or plants are known to greatly reduce stress levels. Certainly, it has something to do with better air quality (see above). In addition, flowers are also known to create a positive feeling to those working close to them. In 1996, Washington University carried out a study and discovered the benefit of flowers and potted plants to anti-stress efforts. This also includes an increase in focus levels and reduction in blood pressure rates.


More Happiness 

It’s also referred to a positive workplace mood, but really it’s just a general feeling of happiness. And flowers have been found to be a strong influence in such matters. In a detailed study, titled “An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers”, experts from two US universities revealed in three separate studies that flowers were the most likely to elicit smiles. They also concluded that flowers have “immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviours and even memory for both males and females”. When it comes to corporate & social events flowers, this translates to positive interaction, cooperation and greater productivity.


Improve Workplace Performance 

It stands to reason that in a more positive working environment, people would be more productive. And of course there is a scientific research to prove this case. In astudy conducted by Texas A&M University, problem solving abilities were compared in a variety of common office environments. These include a bare office, an office with sculptures and an office with flowers and plants. It revealed that both women and men demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and original solutions when around flowers and plants. Men generated 15% more ideas, while females generated more creativity and flexible solutions to problems.


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