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The Best Contemporary Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

Before organising some perfect ideas for your wedding colour palette, it might be helpful to understand the concept of a palette. A colour palette is used in wedding designs, interior decoration and even in website designs. It is simply defined as a range or selection of colours. The term is based from the paint container which holds the paints used by a painter while he works.

Instead of calling it a wedding colour palette, it might be more significant to call this concept as a wedding colour scheme. Most wedding colour scheme is composed of a range of two or more colours that either complement or contrast with each other in a more pleasing and captivating way. This article will provide some of the modern and perfect colour scheme that you can incorporate to your wedding.


This is a very cheerful and sunny selection of colours. Yellow and lavender complement each other quite well. The mix of more natural tans and browns helps to tone it down a bit, too. Choosing local and seasonal flowers has become a growing trend with contemporary weddings nowadays. The natural colours make that easier to do in every season. It is also important to incorporate some other fun ideas with this colour scheme.

These are some of the smart ideas for this selection:

  • Violets and yellow roses would look stunning in a bridal bouquet.
  • Have the groom's party wear purple and black checker socks.
  • Set out lemon and lavender macaroons around the bride's cake.


Nothing says elegance and luxury like the colour gold. A white or maybe even a touch of black sets off the richness of gold colour. What’s more, having this colour scheme makes it pretty easy for the bride to select accessories in gold. There are also lots of tips that you can incorporate to this elegant colour scheme.

These are some of the tips to help:

  • Use gold sprayed flowers for the bouquet to save as a keepsake after the wedding.
  • Use gold-rimmed wine or champagne glasses.
  • Place a gold table runner over a white tablecloth.


Brown And Pink Colour Scheme

This is a bit of a surprising colour scheme that actually works really well in winter and summer. Both brown, as in a chocolaty brown, and pink suggest sweetness in a way that is not at all syrupy. Pastel pink petals look dazzling when set against rich brown wood towns. It's both very striking and very natural. If you may, you can search for more suggestions about having this colour scheme for your wedding.

These are some suggestions to pull off pink and brown for a wedding colour palette:

  • Have the groom's party dress in brown and the bride's party dress in pink. The bride and groom are free to appear in traditional white and black. They are also free to appear in colours to match their respective parties.
  • A bridal bouquet with pink flowers, either roses or native flowers, can be set off with some delicate bits of twigs or bamboo.
  • Choose a rich pink cherry frosting to adorn the bride's cake. The groom's cake could be adorned with the rich brown of good chocolate.


The Red Wedding Colour Scheme

Some brides really dream to have a red wedding. And there is no reason it cannot work well. The bride can wear rubies or red and fun costume jewellery. Bridesmaids’ dresses can be red or laced with red. Red shoes would look stunning with the right accessories and a white bridal gown. The groom's party could wear red cummerbunds and ties. The groom can also use a red rose for his lapel. There are actually a lot of things you can do to achieve a successful red wedding.

These are some seasonal tips for a red wedding:

  • A winter wedding can be added with a touch of fun by accenting the red with pine green, as in Christmas colours.
  • A summer wedding can be made with a touch of lightness by using red and white for accent colours.
  • In autumn, certain browns and dark oranges blend very well with red.
  • For the spring, consider a light green to suggest a new beginning. The right colour of pink can work very well too with red.

It is certainly easy enough to choose red flowers for a red wedding event. Either roses or any available native flowers and even berries would spruce up any bouquet or table flower arrangement.


Most brides have a preference for one particular type of flower to arrange their wedding around. This includes flowers for the bride's bouquet, her bridal party and the corsages for the men. This is also inclusive of the flower arrangements in the reception room and chapel. Since flower arrangements may suggest one or another colour palette, it might be a good idea to consider some of the top flowers and available colours.




These days, roses can be found in almost any colour and in almost any season for a wedding. Though red, pink and white are the most popular, they can also be found in almost any colour. If you are counting on the rich scent of flowers, be aware that not all rose varieties have a scent.



Tulips are the second choice of wedding flowers. Many people believe that tulips come only from the Netherlands, but this particular bloom actually originated in ancient Persia. Dutch tulips are the most common. However, French tulips are the very elegant, but they are also pretty expensive.


The Lily

There are actually a few different kinds of lilies that make the popular lists for wedding flowers. These include the Calla Lily and the Lily of the Valley. The Calla Lily has blooms that look like the horn of a trumpet. The Lily of the Valley, on one hand, is shaped more like a bell.

Despite the many choices of elegant and imported wedding flowers, there are still couples who choose the trend of using native flowers. This is to support the conservation of local plants. Many couples nowadays choose to use native flowers as accents or the main attractions in their flower arrangements.


The Perfect Wedding Colours

The choice of the perfect wedding colours largely depends upon flower preferences. On the other hand, some couples choose their colour scheme first before selecting flowers to match those colours. Some colour schemes are more seasonal but others can be considered at any time of the year.

Again, people who are planning for both the contemporary or traditional weddings are finding ways to incorporate local native flowers, berries and greenery into their weddings. This is a very nice and excellent touch that makes a wedding a more memorable and meaningful one.