Having a baby is an incredible experience in someone's life. Do you know someone who’s about to have one? Then, be extremely creative and generous with your gifts. Below, we will discuss some best gift flower baskets ideas for the new mother and father.


1. Include a Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal is a great idea. People of all ages, get a warm feeling when they see a stuffed animal. It brings back childhood memories.


2. Bright Flowers

Bright flowers symbolise birth and bring positive energy into the home. Everyone loves receiving flowers, let alone bright ones. Some good examples are sunflowers, lilies and daisies.


3. Chocolate

If you plan a gift basket for a new mother, always include chocolate. Barring allergies, everyone loves chocolate.  A new mother is commonly stressed with what she just went through. Chocolate is proven to ease stress, especially dark chocolate. Consider adding chocolate if you want the perfect gift basket for your loved one.


4. Straw Basket

A straw basket is not a necessity, as you could use any type of basket. However, a straw basket is lightweight and will bring out the colours of your flowers. It will also personalise your gift.


5. Balloons

For some reason, we become happy and excited when someone gives us balloons. An inflated balloon with a message on it will do the trick. Include a balloon in your next gift basket.


6. Personalised Card

Nothing is worse than receiving a gift basket without a personalised message. Knowing someone has put time, energy, and thought into a gift is the best present of all. A personalised card will set the tone of a gift and will express your feelings. People love reading cards and keep them, long after the gift basket is gone. These cards are memories of a special occasion.


7. Delivery

Let’s face it, most people are busy. Delivering your gift basket can be difficult when everyone has a different schedule. You could check the new parents’ schedule or have your gift basket delivered by a third party. 

There are diverse elements that can make or break your gift basket. The best way is to have it arranged by a professional florist whom you trust.

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Place any one of the ideas into your next gift basket. You will surely make someone very happy!