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The Right Flowers for a Blissful Wedding Anniversary

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

It’s quite a task to get the right flowers for a blissful wedding anniversary. Which flower sends a great message to your partner? Flowers speak volumes about love and respect for your spouse. Choose the wrong flowers and you will spend 364 days making amends. Here are the main choices you need to select the right flowers.



Roses top the list of romantic flowers. Choose right-coloured roses, if you want appreciation for your gift.

  • Red roses are pure romance as they say "I love you."
  • Orange roses are associated with desire.
  • Pink roses are suitable if you want to show appreciation, or say "thank you".



Lilies are classic and they best suit an older spouse.

  • They signify growth and beauty.
  • They are considered elegant flowers.

If you want a bouquet of lilies delivered, make sure colour is included.

  • Choose coloured lilies.
  • Add vibrant-coloured flowers into the bouquet.

Pure white lilies and minimal foliage is the main choice for sympathy bouquets. However, this is improper for a wedding anniversary.



Tulips are the best flowers for a vibrant and modern spouse.

  • They bring excitement.
  • They range from fun to funky colours.

Anyone will smile and feel joyful when they receive tulips for their anniversary.



Orchids are another classic choice for an anniversary.

  • They are rare and symbolise a passionate depth for anyone who receives it.
  • They have a stunning, subtle scent which reminds their new owner of how much they are cared for.



Chrysanthemums are wonderful choices for those on a budget.

  • Pick up a bunch of stems from your local petrol store.
  • Ask your florist to put together a bunch of bright, happy colours.

These flowers will remind how much you think of your spouse.


Check websites if you no longer have time to organise your wedding anniversary. Go to Kellee Flowers and let them arrange what you need. They specialise in selecting the right flowers for wedding anniversary bouquets. They will do what they can to suit your budget. Let them know what message to convey, and they will do the rest for you.