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Tips for Selecting the Right Congratulations Flower Arrangement

by Loan Pham on August 13, 2020

While all gifts of flowers may seem appropriate to the sender, subtle differences in the flower arrangement styling might be noticed. This article aims to discuss some of the considerations when choosing the specific style of flowers to send as a message of congratulations.

If you friend or family member has just started a new job, you may want to offer your support by organising a flower delivery online to go to their workplace. In this situation it would be appropriate to send something small which would not draw a lot of attention to the new staff member or possibly inconvenience the other workplace colleagues. Perhaps a small bouquet of Singapore orchids gift wrapped which could easily be placed in a small jar or taken home on a public transport commute.

 purple Singapore orchids bouquet

Singapore Orchids bouquet as congratulations flowers


When your child or family member comes of age and is celebrating their 18th or 21st birthday, you might decide that a nice gift would be an impressive flower arrangement. For such an occasion a large vase of colorful roses would be ideal to be placed on the dining table at a home party. Roses are a popular flower that most people are familiar with and may invoke childhood memories of exploring the garden. If the celebration is going to be held at a venue other than the family home, perhaps the flower delivery could be arranged to be delivered to to the home prior to the time of the party.


100 colorful long stem roses congratulations flowers

100 roses happy 21st birthday congratulations flowers


New parents traditionally are sent flowers on the arrival of a new member into their family. Particularly from family members or friends who can not make it to the hospital or are choose to allow the new parents uninterrupted time with their new baby. The best flowers to send to a maternity hospital would be a boxed flower arrangement. Primarily because this style of floral arrangement has been moved around with the family if they need to change rooms and can easily be taken someplace else in a car. Consideration should also be given to a pregnant woman's sensitivity to smell when arranging a flower delivery to celebrate the birth of a baby

pink and white flowers baby girl balloon package

New baby girl congratulations flowers


Nowadays it seems more is being asked of the workforce and this results in employees given that little extra in demanding times. As a token of appreciation for the additional effort made from an employee, it is a lovely gesture to gift a flower bouquet to the them at the workplace. Often a medium to large sized flower bouquet can be presented to the employee at morning tea, team lunch or at a meeting for maximum impact. Such flowers could include a mix of multi-coloured seasonal flowers or even feature a particular flower or colour which has a personal connection to the employee if this is known.

Australian native flowers king protea pinpushions

Flowers for congratulations on a job well done


As outlined above, there are a few basic rules to consider when sending flowers online for a congratulations occasion. But the most important rules are to include a sincere message with the flowers and to organise the flower delivery well in advance where possible.