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Top 10 Most Common Flowers Used in Special Occasions

by Loan Pham on June 21, 2020

Flowers present perfect gifts for every occasion. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or funerals, for a special dinner party or a corporate event, there is no end to the sentiment that the language of flowers imparts.


Flowers have represented happiness and pleasure throughout the centuries as all sentiment is expressed through these blossoms.

 In Egyptian and Roman times they symbolised love and pleasure. The ancient Greeks considered flowers to be acquainted with the Gods.

 Although the availability of certain flowers depends on the season, the occasion is the deciding factor for the choice of flowers.



Roses are without a doubt the most popular flower in the world. They have a beautiful fragrance and always look good for any occasion.

The Victorian era was a time when one did not openly express one’s emotions; however flowers were an acceptable form of expression.

During that period, a lot of thought and detail was taken about the type of flower given for a particular occasion:

 Red roses were considered a sign of true romance, whereas pink roses were presented for occasions of lesser importance.

  • White roses were chosen for virtue and chastity, and were often, and still are, the choice of many brides and wedding table arrangements.
  • Yellow roses, on the other hand, imparted devotion or friendship.

 The size of the flower, colour or position in a bouquet, at that time all conveyed wordless meanings.

The beauty of roses is always appreciated, whether given as a single rose, a bunch or a bouquet.

A single red rose is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, followed by a single rose or bouquets of yellow or white roses for birthdays and anniversaries.



Lilies with their many styles and colours are popular inclusions in floral décor for many occasions, ranging from corporate events, weddings, anniversaries as well as for funerals.

 Lilies symbolise refined beauty:

  • White lily represents virginity or modesty
  • Yellow lily represents gaiety  
  • Orange lily symbolises passion

     Lily of the Valley symbolises purity and sweetness of heart, and is often given on Mother’s Day.



    Gerberas are versatile flowers that look attractive in any floral combination.

    They are available in red, yellow, pink, white and orange; and blend well with other flowers in arrangements for corporate events, birthdays or anniversaries.

    Due to their versatility, gerberas are used in various types of arrangements. Their bright colours and large flower heads make them an excellent choice for modern flower arrangements.

    Some modern brides like to carry a simple bunch of gerberas down the aisle on their wedding day rather than a larger sophisticated bouquet of flowers.



    Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colours and look impressive when used for special occasions.

    They are often included with baby’s breath (Gypsophilia) in bunches for presents, or in floral arrangements for corporate events or weddings.

    Chrysanthemums are popular flowers as floral gifts for Mother’s Day also.



    With hues of pink, pale blue, yellow and violet, full flowered and delicate hydrangeas are chosen for many table centrepiece arrangements.

    Hydrangeas work particularly well if the room where the event is held is large.

    One thing to remember about hydrangeas is that they can be a very finicky. They have very specific water and temperature requirements to keep them looking vibrant and fresh.

    An interesting thing about hydrangeas is that the blooms absorb water as well. So if the flowers start to look droopy, you can revive them by simply spraying with water.

    If you love hydrangeas, your local florist can give you tips on how to keep these gorgeous flowers looking fresh throughout your event.



     Gladiolas are long-stemmed flowers that come mostly in white, yellow or orange.


    The white gladiola is particularly popular for a funeral or a bereavement gift. White daisies and white carnations too are frequently used in floral arrangements for offering sympathy at funerals.



    These pretty little trailing flowers are excellent for brightening up a small table as a centrepiece.

    Set in a posy, in a hair style, in arrangements combined with daisies and small greenery such as baby’s breath, Freesias are suitable for any occasion.



    Pretty trumpet-shaped daffodils come in a massive array of colours.

    The easily recognised ones are the yellow and orange varieties which are very popular during Easter. Other colours include pink, white and even shades of green.


    9. Orchids

    Orchids are popular for any special occasion, such as corporate events, birthdays, engagement parties and weddings.

    Orchids come in a variety of patterns and colours. Often it is a favourite for brides to hold a single orchid for walking down the aisle. Orchids are more expensive than most other flowers as they require special temperatures for growing successfully.



    Flowers like banksias, waratahs proteas and leucadendrons are a popular choice when sending flowers to a male for a birthday, get well soon or thank you occasion.

    Australian native are hardy, amazingly beautiful and long lasting.


    Each and every flower possesses a particular appeal for different people and like us; flowers can be attractive but not popular. This could be associated with their fragrance, their individual appearance, or a combination of both.

    While the Rose is recognised as the most popular flower worldwide, it can be closely challenged by other blooms, amongst which are, Tulips, Lilies, Chrysanthemums and orchids. 

     Talk to your local florist today. Let them help you put together something beautiful and appropriate for you event, preferences and budget.