What is the first thing a person does when they get up close to a rose?

Almost 100% of the time everyone will attempt to smell the roses.

Unfortunately most of the time that sweet rose fragrance that they are seeking just isn’t there.

Even those popular red roses seen everywhere on Valentine’s Day do not have the slightest fragrance.


Like most things in life, economics has subtly altered the fabric of nature under our noses without us really knowing it.


The gorgeous scented roses we have come to love are now mostly only found on rose bushes planted in gardens. These garden roses are visually larger than floristry roses when their blooms fully open. Also the garden variety roses have a lower petal count and the petals are soft and showy. The stems are typically full of thorns.


Having spoken to several Melbourne rose farmers, the following reasons may help explain why fragrant roses are so scarce these days.

Due to the demands of customers desiring longer lasting roses and larger sized blooms, growers are obliged to offer varieties which will meet these requirements. 

Unfortunately while cross-breeding to achieve larger blooms, longer thornless stems and increased petal count, the scent of the rose is somehow lost if the process.


Another important factor which causes the loss of rose scent is the conditions in which roses are grown.  During winter in Victoria, roses are grown in glasshouses. This artificial environment seems to lack the elements which encourage the rose scent genes to be expressed. Mother Nature is amazing and truly a miracle.


But all is not lost for scented rose enthusiasts and soon-to-be brides planning their wedding flowers.  There are still a few varieties of florist roses, albeit not so common, which carry a lovely scent. A locally produced variety called Parfume de Grande by Melbourne grower Grandiflora is a godsend.  This rose variety features a strong pale pink dusty bloom with a high petal count and is quite fluffy when fully bloomed. The Parfume de Grande rose variety exhibits good vase life as a cut flower. The size of the bloom is generous, but varies with the season and the length of the stem.


Another amazing scented rose is thee hot pink coloured variety named Pink Floyd.  This rose features an enormous sized bloom and the sweetest rose scent. The Pink Floyd rose variety is an imported product from Columbia.  Because of quarantine requirements, sometimes the roses do not looking pristine by the time it arrives at the flower shop and into your home.  The leaves generally drop off in large numbers and the large blooms could either become slightly mouldy or dehydrated.  The flower industry is working hard trying to fast track this beautiful rose through to their customers to appreciate the magical rose scent in their own home.


If you really want to send flowers as a gift which carries a perfume, it would be best to call a florist well in advance of the delivery date required.


Bridal posy pale pink perfumed roses  

Grandiflora’s Pink Parfume de Grande roses with ivory/cream locally grown garden roses