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Flower Delivery for Romance

Nothing says “I love you” like flowers. Whether it is a special occasion or just another day you want to make something special for your loved one, you can always get them some fresh flowers.

Romantic flowers arrangements in Melbourne

When you want to make your loved one in Melbourne feel special, Kellee Flowers is here to deliver you fresh romantic flowers. We offer romantic flower arrangements delivery in Melbourne to surprise your loved ones.

Choosing romantic flowers for your loved ones

When it comes to romantic flowers, red roses always top the list. They are the most romantic of all flowers and symbolise deep love and affection. Be it Valentine’s day, your loved one’s birthday or any regular day, red roses can help you keep the passion alive.

However, if you’re someone who wants to go for something different, there are a lot of other options to choose from.

Here are some choices for romantic flowers you can give to your loved ones.


Orchids are delicate and exotic. They are long lasting and can rebloom if taken care of, just like love. Orchids are vibrant, represent luxury and symbolise love, hope and luck. This makes them a great choice for your loved one’s birthday or Valentine’s Day.


Tulips come in a variety of colours and can be given to express love and even apology.

You can choose from a range of red, yellow, white, pink and purple tulips. Give your loved one red tulips to express your love or white tulips if you want to ask for forgiveness.

They can also be given to someone who you have just started seeing and don’t want to overwhelm with roses.

LA Lily

LA lilies are a bold choice for romantic flowers. They are vibrant with bright coloured petals and can accentuate the beauty of the entire place. They usually symbolise prosperity and wealth and can be given to your loved ones to keep in their office or even decorate at home.

Pastel Carnation

Pastel carnations are subtle. They are elegant flowers that express love, making them a great choice to gift an introverted person. You can give pink or white carnations to your loved ones. Pink carnations symbolise admiration while white carnations symbolise pure love.


Roses are a popular choice for romantic flowers and come in a range of bright colors. They symbolise love and passion.

You can give roses to someone you’re in a new relationship with or to someone to express your affection and hint to them that you want something more than a friendship.


Alstroemeria is also a bold choice of flowers that can light up the room. Although alstroemeria usually means friendship, you can go for pink or red shade to express romance.

The Blue Iris

The blue iris is an elegant and unique choice for romantic flowers. Iris is the Greek Goddess of Love and the blue iris symbolises faith and hope.

You can give these flowers for any occasion but you have a plus point if your loved one’s birthday is in February as this is the February birth flower.

Choose Kellee flowers for romantic flowers delivery in Melbourne

At Kellee Flowers, we work diligently to make your special wishes a little more special. Our flowers are freshly packed for you and delivered at your preferred timings.

We can also help you make your loved ones feel special even if you’re not in the city. Just choose your flowers with us and get them delivered anywhere in Melbourne.

For last minute gifting, we also offer same day delivery of romantic flowers in Melbourne.

Get fresh romantic flowers arrangements in Melbourne by Kellee Flowers.