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Earthy  tone flowers gift box
Earthy tone flowers tall gift box

Earthy-toned flowers gift box


A stunning combination of earth-toned natives with bright white disbud chrysanthemums, this arrangement is well suited to any occasion. Expertly presented in a white box with burgundy ribbon, Garnet will astound your recipient. 

The native flower box is generally a generous gift for someone in hospital to withstand the heating and constant air conditioning environment.
Also, as a native arrangement, this box contains flowers which are durable and without scent and not so delicate and soft. Hence sometimes these flowers are requested for men. Why should only the ladies receive beautiful flowers!

Order now and let a Kellee Flowers brighten their day.

Small 40cmx20cm     Medium 60cmx30cm   Large 85cmx45cm  

This box image is a medium size.