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New baby girl pink flowers teddy bear package
Baby girl gift package pink flowers teddy bear balloon
New baby girl pink flowers teddy bear large package

New baby girl gift package


The box has its own water source which can be topped up every 3-4 days and the flowers should last at least for one week. Boxed flower arrangements are easy to move around and taken home more often than flower bouquets.
If you would like to organise a flower delivery for your family or friends to congratulate them on the birth of a new baby girl, Kellee Flowers has several options. One of the most popular flower arrangements that we deliver to the Epworth Freemasons Maternity Hospital in East Melbourne would have to be the Baby Girl Gift Box. The flower colours of pink and white are traditionally associates with baby girls. The package features pink and white flowers with foliage, a 9 inch "It's a Girl" stick balloon and a 22cm teddy bear. 

The image shows the medium size.

Small size 25cm    Medium 35cm   Large 45cm